Construction Activity

A summary of recent City of London construction permits


CP REIT Ontario Properties Ltd. —spending $730,000 on interior alterations to dental office at 60 Fanshawe Park Road East.

CF Realty Holdings Inc. —spending $450,00 on theatre alterations and $200,000 on interior retail alterations at 1680 Richmond Street.

Colborne Centre Holdings Inc. —spending $20,000 on office complex alterations at 400 York Street.

2206868 Ontario Inc. —spending $200,000 on office entrance alterations at 725 Notre Dame Drive.

2481675 Ontario Inc. —spending $250,000 on restaurant alterations at 575 Richmond Street.

Penretail Management Inc. —spending $550,000 on theatre alterations at 755 Wonderland Road South.

I.F. Propco Holdings (Ontario) 31 Ltd. —spending $500,000 on interior office alterations at 250 York Street.

Healthcare Properties Holdings Ltd. —spending $121,000 on medical offices alterations at 140 Oxford Street East.

London City Centre London Inc. —spending $250,000 on interior changes at 380 Wellington Street.

J. Wall Dentistry Professional Corporation—spending $450,000 on interior alteration to dental offices at 250 Wortley Road.

North London Medical Centre—spending $600,000 to install site services at 1055 Fanshawe Park Road West.


2008051 Ontario Inc. —spending $200,000 on plant alterations at 570 Industrial Road.

1803299 Ontario Inc. —spending $100,000 on storage structure addition at 2290 Scanlan Street.

Hydro One Networks Inc. —spending $1,500,000 to add accessory building at 502 Nelson Street.


London & Middlesex Housing Corporation—spending $6,013,050 on alterations and upgrades at 304 Oxford Street West.

Thames Valley District School Board—spending $110,000 on school HVAC replacement at 1460 Stoneybrook Crescent and $650,000 on classroom alterations at 555 Sanatorium Road.

Western University—spending $443,000 on dormitory alterations at 291 Windermere Road.


Drewlo Holdings Inc. —spending $1,900,000 on parking garage expansion at 810 Capulet Lane and $3,642,800 to erect 16 townhouse condo units at 1960 Dalmagarry Road.

11345594 Ontario Inc. —spending $1,423,800 to erect six freehold condo units at 905 Sarnia Road.

Ironstone Building Companey—spending $8,875,400 to erect 44 townhouse condo units at 1960 Dalmagarry Road.

Forest Park (Fanshawe Ridge) Limited—spending $977,060 to build four townhouse condo units at 1424 Blackwell Boulevard and $1,113,400 to erect five condo townhouse units at 2031 Pennyroyal Street.

Sifton Properties Limited—spending $1,072,800 to erect residential townhouses at 1800 Sumac Way.

Rembrandt Developments (Fanshawe) Inc. —spending $2,944,666 to erect 15 condo townhouse units at 3400 Castle Rock Place.

Note: Due to reporting procedures, the listed party may represent a prior holding and may not be responsible for reported investment