Properties Sold

A summary of recent commercial real estate transactions in London

1505 Highbury Avenue North
type Retail building
price $4,657,394
seller C&H Properties Inc.
buyer Skyline Retail Real Estate Holdings Inc.

1211 Hyde Park Road
type Commercial buildings and land
price $3,000,000
seller Baiko Sales International Ltd.
buyer 2602070 Ontario Ltd.

1010 Adelaide Street South
type Industrial building
price $2,000,000
seller Rapid Delivery Inc.
buyer Syvan Developments Ltd.

13631 Eight Mile Road
type Agricultural land
price $1,600,000
seller Named individuals
buyer Limit-Up Farms Inc.

1855 Blue Heron Drive
type Multi-tenant industrial plaza
price $1,525,000
seller Doman Developments Inc.
buyer Named individuals

2040 Oxford Street East
type Vacant industrial land
price $1,150,000
seller Named individuals
buyer Sikorski Sausages Co. Ltd.

2335 Main Street
type Retail plaza
price $1,100,000
seller Kencher Management Co. Ltd.
buyer 2159017 Ontario Inc.

2800 Colonel Talbot Road
type Vacant extraction lands
price $900,000
seller Blinn Holdings Inc.
buyer Econ Developments Inc.

331 Sovereign Road
type Industrial building
price $895,000
seller 1474442 Ontario Ltd.
buyer UA Local 527 Training Centre

629 Maitland Street
typeFormer institutional/office building
price $750,000
seller Twatatya Takenhas Inc.
buyer Canadian Commercial (Maitland) Inc.

247 Pall Mall Street; 633 & 635 Wellington Street
type Multi-tenant office buildings
price $7,000,000
seller 2248848 Ontario Inc.
buyer Farhi Holdings Corp.

600 Third Street
type Industrial building
price $1,740,000
seller Courtney Wholesale Confectionery Ltd.
buyer 1236451 Ontario Ltd.

537 Talbot Street
type Commercial/residential building
price $850,000
seller Named individuals
buyer Talbot Street Christian Reformed Church

Sold transaction information provided by Mark McManus of Valco Consultants Inc., 519-667-9050 ext. 234,