Properties Sold

A summary of recent commercial real estate transactions in London

775, 785 Wonderland Road South
Type Westmount Shopping Centre and additional buildings
Price $31,500,000
Seller Penretail Management Ltd.
Buyer KingSett Capital

1415 Beaverbrook Avenue
Type Single-tenant retail building
Price $11,200,000
Seller Wonderland Commercial Centre Inc.
Buyer Manulife Ontario Property Portfolio Inc.

89 Ridout Street South
Type Apartment building
Price $10,350,000
Seller 89 Ridout South Ltd.
Buyer 10407348 Canada Inc.

295-321 Westminster Avenue
Type Walk-up apartment buildings
Price $8,500,034
Seller Milton Harris Investments Ltd.
Buyer Killam Properties SGP Ltd.

717 Richmond Street
Type Commercial/residential building
Price $4,372,000
Seller 717 Richmond Holdings ULC
Buyer Farhi Holdings Corp.

1930, 1940 Oxford Street East
Type Office building and vacant land
Price $3,650,000
Seller ICORR Asset Management Inc.
Buyer Oxford Seven Inc.

6151 Colonel Talbot Road
Type Industrial building and surplus lands
Price $2,275,000
Seller Future Gen Inc.
Buyer Titan Holdings Inc.

604-606 Cheapside Street
Type Walk-up apartment building
Price $2,515,000
Seller Double D Investments 2 Inc.
Buyer CS Place Inc.

1283 Commissioners Road West
Type Multi-tenant retail plaza
Price $2,200,000
Seller ICORR Asset Management Inc.
Buyer Byron Plaza Inc.

1503 Hyde Park Road
Type Vacant commercial land
Price $1,700,000
Seller 2382333 Ontario Inc.
Buyer 2640310 Ontario Ltd.

1761 Oxford Street
Type Light industrial plaza
Price $1,700,000
Seller 990555 Ontario Ltd.
Buyer 2596074 Ontario Inc.

1885 Blue Heron Drive
Type Multi-tenant light industrial plaza
Price $1,525,000
Seller Doman Developments Inc.
Buyer Named individuals

3330 Dingman Drive
Type Office building
Price $1,400,000
Seller CRL Holdings Inc.
Buyer Occupational Safety Group Inc.

119 Exeter Road
Type Multi-tenant industrial building
Price $1,350,000
Seller Martomian Holdings Ltd.
Buyer Named individuals

30 Jim Ashton Street
Type Commercial building
Price $785,000
Seller Named individuals
Buyer 2091533 Ontario Ltd.

11 Balfour Place
Type Residential six-plex
Price $640,000
Seller Named individuals
Buyer Ace Prime Holdings Inc.

Sold transaction information provided by Mark McManus of Valco Consultants Inc., 519-667-9050 ext. 234,