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A summary of recent commercial real estate transactions in London:

Conc. 1, Part Lot 8
type      Former London Psychiatric Hospital and surplus lands
price     $17,000,000
seller    Government of Ontario
buyer   Old Oak  Properties Inc.

Plan 33R-19900, Parts 9-11, 13-25
type     St. Peter’s Seminary and development lands
price     $14,250,000
seller    The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corp.
buyer   King’s University College

81 & 87 Base Line Road West
type      Condominium apartment building
price     $11,550,000
seller    Services for Assisted & Independent Living Ltd.
buyer    Oxford SC Inspirit London Inc.

Plan 33M-755, 50 Lots
type      Residential lots
price     $11,226,000
seller    Topping Family Farm Inc.
buyer    Named enterprises (five)

Conc. 2, Part Lot 33
type      Urban reserve lands
price     $8,000,000
seller    Farhi Holdings Corp.
buyer    Goldfield 1 Ltd., Goldfield Ltd.

552 Clarke Road
type      Industrial building
price     $5,700,000
seller    Zeubear Properties Inc.
buyer    Clarke Holdings (London) Inc.

771 Southdale Road East & 900 Adelaide Street South
type     Retail plaza buildings
price     $5,400,000
seller    Crombie Southdale Holdings Ltd.
buyer    1996201 Ontario Inc.

Plan 33M-641, Blocks 82 & 83
type      Vacant commercial land
price     $3,000,000
seller    Westbury International (1991) Corp.
buyer    2670040 Ontario Inc.

1640 Fanshawe Park Road West
type      Commercial building and lands
price     $2,795,000
seller    Copp Ltd.
buyer    Copp Realty Corp.

324 Wortley Road
type      Walk-up apartment building
price     $2,484,000
seller    London Village Rentals Ltd.
buyer    Regent Properties (London) Inc.

129 John Street
type      Walk-up apartment building
price     $2,350,000
seller    Lewvest Corp.
buyer    129 John  St. Inc.

1018 & 1028 Gainsborough Road
type      Commercial development land
price     $1,650,000
seller    Southbridge Health Care GP Inc.
buyer    1018 Gainsborough Inc.

535 Industrial Road
type      Cross dock facility
price     $1,325,000
seller   Union Street Holdings Inc.
buyer    2655570 Ontario Inc.

1284 Gramercy Park Place
type      Walk-up apartment building
price     $1,200,000
seller    Marvest Property Corp.
buyer    KNH Properties Ltd.

94 Exeter Road
type      Industrial building
price    $1,000,000
seller    969348 Ontario Ltd.
buyer    2559282 Ontario Ltd.

Sold transaction information provided by Mark McManus of Valco Consultants Inc., 519-667-9050 ext. 234,


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