Construction Activity

A summary of recent City of London construction permits


White Oaks Mall Holdings Ltd.—spending $298,600 on interior retail alterations at 1105 Wellington Road.

Shanghai Xin Lung Restaurant Inc.—spending $200,000 on restaurant alterations at 304 Springbank Drive.

Fundamental Space Inc.—spending $224,900 on interior office alterations at 1275 Hubrey Road.

Unnamed—spending $3,000,000 to build new retail store and warehouse at 4166 Scotland Drive.

East Park Golf Gardens—spending $936,000 to build recreation centre at 1275 Hamilton Road.

2013798 Ontario Inc.—spending $4,000,000 on interior office alterations at 355 Ridout Street North.

7137796 Canada Inc.—spending $781,200 on retail store and warehouse additions at 323 Neptune Crescent.

Sifton Properties Limited—spending $742,000 to build medical offices at 1295 Riverbend Road; $280,000 on dental office interior alterations at 1295 Riverbend Road; and $400,000 on office alterations at 195 Dufferin Avenue.

Connorco Inc.—spending $193,662 on erect new modular office space at 1473 Dundas Street.
Wonderland Commercial Centre Inc.—spending $1,400,000 to erect retail building at 1375 Beaverbrook Avenue and $465,000 on restaurant alterations at 1371 Beaverbrook Avenue.

Highbury North Centre Inc.—spending $190,000 on restaurant renovations at 1192 Highbury Avenue North.


Dancor Forest City Inc.—spending $1,500,000 on a warehouse addition at 1650 Wilton Grove Road.

Beerda Holdings—spending $450,000 on warehouse alterations at 360 Sovereign Road.

Doman Developments Inc.—spending $200,000 on interior gymnasium alterations at 1828 Blue Heron Drive.

CF Realty Holdings Inc.—spending $220,000 on retail store alterations at 1680 Richmond Street.

Dancor Development Corporation—spending $600,000 on repair garage alterations at 15700 Robins Hill Road.

Sharpe Enterprises Corporation—spending $375,000 on laboratory alterations at 15940 Robins Hill Road.


Western University—spending $285,000 on interior alterations at 1151 Richmond Street and $3,000,000 on lab and office alterations at 800 Collip Circle.

Fanshawe College—spending $6,500,000 on interior alterations at 1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard.

City of London—spending $350,000 on recreational facility alterations at 1345 Cheapside Street.

Note: Due to reporting procedures, the listed party may represent a prior holding and may not be responsible for reported investment.