Construction Activity

A summary of recent City of London construction permits


All Seniors Care ASC (Tokala) Facility Limited—spending $56,157,500 to erect seniors care facility at 2825 Tokala Trail.

CF Realty Holdings Inc.—spending $200,000 on interior alterations at 1680 Richmond Street.

2206868 Ontario Inc.—spending $50,000 on retail plaza façade alterations at 725 Notre Dame Drive.

I.F. Propco Holdings (Ontario) 31 Ltd.—spending $65,000 on office complex alterations at 355 Wellington Street.

Sifton Properties Limited—spending $1,400,000 on interior office alterations at 255 Queens Avenue.

1510203 Ontario Limited—spending $400,000 on retail store and warehouse addition at 229 Horton Street East.

Chad Ropchan—spending $250,000 on restaurant alterations at 615 Fanshawe Park Road West.

1904812 Ontario Limited—spending $4,864,160 on office building construction at 200 Villagewalk Boulevard.

The Tricar Group—spending $250,000 on interior office and storage alterations at 350 Ridout Street North.

Wonderland Commercial Centre Inc.—spending $1,620,000 on retail plaza construction at 1371 Beaverbrook Avenue.

Pond Mills Square Realty Inc. —spending $700,000 on interior office alterations at 1200 Commissioners Road East.


United Parcel Service Canada Ltd.—spending $2,553,300 on facility addition at 60 Midpark Road.

VG3 Investments Corp.—spending $220,000 on warehouse addition at 485 McCormick Boulevard.

Cargill Value Added Meats Canada—spending $2,903,400 on food processing plant addition at 414 Ashland Avenue.


Management Board Secretariat—spending $14,300,000 on new building construction at 659 Exeter Road.


Ironstone Building Company—spending $2,873,000 to build 11 townhouse condo units at 1960 Dalmagarry Road

Drewlo Holdings Inc.—spending $200,000 on site services installation at 250 South Carriage Road.

Magnificent Homes—spending $1,431,500 to erect townhouse units at 2619 Sheffield Boulevard.

Sifton Properties Limited—spending $1,701,000 to build eight townhouse condo units at 1220 Riverbend Road.

Note: Due to reporting procedures, the listed party may represent a prior holding and may not be responsible for reported investment.