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Writer’s Guidelines

Ten times a year London Inc. delivers features that shed light on the businesses, issues and trends shaping the Forest City. As London’s premier business publication, we naturally gravitate to stories that affect the working lives of our readers. But we also know those readers are more than their job titles; that means giving them stories that appeal to their interests beyond the bottom line.

Our stories demand lively, comprehensible writing that displays breadth and depth of research. We expect writers to develop a point of view backed up by sound logic and solid reporting. An engaging writing style coupled with an ability to tell a story, not just relate facts, is a must.

We generally prefer to use a real story as a springboard for exploring more complex issues or trends. Rather than an overview of the restaurant industry, for example, we might tell the story of how one operator staved off bankruptcy, referencing some facts about the industry within the piece or in a sidebar. We do not accept unsolicited articles and are not interested in generic service pieces.

To become familiar with the kind of stories we publish, the best thing to do is read three or four recent issues cover-to-cover. This will give you an idea of the magazine’s scope, approach and style.

We use freelancers for the majority of our editorial content (excluding columns). Shorter stories are generally around 500 to 600 words; full-length features vary in length from 800 to 1500-plus words. Rates vary with the story’s complexity and the writer’s experience. Please note that lead times are typically two months and, due to a small staff, it may not always be possible to respond to each query.

Story ideas are always welcome. New contributors should also send a brief note detailing background and experience, as well as clippings of previously published articles. Queries should be sent via email to founder and creative director Gord Delamont, [email protected]