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Photo: Anthony Boyle, president & CEO, HRdownloads

HRDOWNLOADS, LIKE ALL good innovations, was formed out of necessity. I was working in a technology firm, leading a large team, and had been given the duties of hiring, training, coaching and disciplining employees. Having a tech background, I started looking around online and realized there was nowhere managers could get HR help with legislatively compliant documents. Having gone to school for web development and graphic design, I decided to build an HR website for HR professionals, business owners and middle managers, and HRdownloads was born! After a few years of building content, we opened our offices in 2008 and now have grown to a client base of over 20,000 Canadian companies and just under 100 full-time staff.

WE HAVE MANAGED this exponential growth by adopting a client-centric approach to both our products and our processes, and we solicit and embrace feedback from both internal teams and our clients. We have been very blessed to find amazing talent here in London, and attribute our success to an upbeat fun culture with a daily focus on making HRdownloads a great place to come to work every day.

PAYMENT PROCESSING is integral to our business. HRdownloads membership is provided pretty much exclusively online, and prompt access is often key as most HR-related­situations ­require immediate support. By being able to process a payment while the client is on the phone, we are able to activate the membership right away with the client being live within 30 minutes.

ABOUT A YEAR AGO, we did a review of our payment processors because we were experiencing service issues with another provider. Economically, the switch to Zomaron made sense for us, because after investigating several providers, Zomaron was the most competitive. But they also offered superior reporting and reconciliation, and their PCI compliant offering was able to integrate with our current IVR system, ensuring the security of our customers’ payment information and truly setting us apart from the competition.

THE TEAM AT ZOMARON strives to build a relationship; they took the time to understand the nature of our business and provide solutions that fit our business model. Additionally, Zomaron’s customer service was very personal and their entire team was—and they remain—very supportive. Whenever a member of our team requires service, it is delivered promptly and ­efficiently. We have been very pleased with Zomaron’s customer service, attention to detail and their great team ­support for our payment processing needs.


Success with Zomaron: HR Downloads Promoted

Zomaron is an award-winning electronic payment processing provider that has been recognized by Profit Magazine as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. With their suite of innovative payment solutions, Zomaron has positioned itself as a FinTech leader in North America. Serving thousands of long-term, satisfied clients, their dynamic and diverse team is available to assist with all your electronic payment needs. | 1-888-900-9192

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