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Photo: Will Heeman, Chief Daymaker, Heeman’s

The single greatest thing we enjoy about being a family business—aside from being able to spend each day working alongside each other—is the unique connection we have with our customers and neighbours. We’re so much more than just a business processing transactions from nameless customers. We form bonds and we watch our customers’ families grow. And they watch ours grow, too.

Because we’re a highly seasonal business, Heeman’s has unique payment processing requirements. The garden centre operates year round, but can grow from one processing ­terminal to 10 in a few weeks. The strawberry side is open seasonally, and we require new terminals quickly when our peak season hits in May. The complexity of adding terminals, sending them back when the seasonal rush is over, and ­opening and closing our seasonal account was too complicated for our past processing provider. Twice we had our entire account shut down—in the middle of our season!—and spent hours on the phone trying to get back up and running. Sad and frustrating.

I discovered Zomaron through the Twitter profile of one their local sales representatives. They came to see us at the right time—we’d just had yet another very large and ­frustrating service disruption with our previous provider. After a having a great conversation about our needs, we knew Zomaron was the right fit and we made the switch.

As a business, we pride ourselves on our ‘Daymaker’ ­approach to customer service—making the day better for our customers, while offering great quality and price. Zomaron is a company that shares our commitment to this level of ­service. John Charlton, National Sales Director at Zomaron, provides the best service we’ve ever received from a business partner, hands down. John and Zomaron are our ‘yes’ people. They are only a call away and always get us what we need. They’ve supplied us with ­programmed terminals within hours of our request, which was never possible with our previous supplier.

Through Zomaron, we also incorporated the Elavon ­merchant plugin into our WooCommerce online store for ­processing payments. By keeping everything with Zomaron, we benefit from lower rates and simpler billing. Now, when people book workshops, pre-order products or buy gift cards online, it’s all processed through Zomaron.

I can give you a great example that speaks to the level of commitment Zomaron staff have to helping businesses run smoothly: We had a remote weekend event, and I made an 11th-hour call—a Friday at 4:30 p.m.—to John. Not only did he have a terminal programmed for me at 9 a.m. on Saturday, he met us at the location and helped us get set up for the event. With their fantastic service, great rates and amazing customer commitment, John and Zomaron are my Daymakers!

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Seasonal businesses present unique challenges that only experienced payment processors can accommodate. Check out how Zomaron can save you money and reduce stress with processing solutions designed for seasonal businesses! Serving thousands of satisfied clients, Zomaron’s dynamic team is ready to help: | 1-888-900-9192

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