Construction Activity

A summary of recent City of London construction permits


Richmond and Fanshawe Centre Inc.—spending $75,000 on restaurant alterations and $225,000 for retail plaza alterations at 1673 Richmond Street.

2415120 Ontario Ltd.—spending $85,000 on restaurant façade alterations at 89 King Street.

Wonderland Commercial Centre Inc.—spending $500,000 on interior office alterations at 1375 Beaverbrook Avenue.

BFM Foundation Real Estate Management (2008) Ltd.—spending $500,000 on interior alterations to second-hand goods shop at 2020 Hyde Park Road.

North London Medical Centre—spending $550,000 on interior medical office alterations at 1055 Fanshawe Park Road West.

White Oaks Mall Holdings Ltd.—spending $136,500 on bank interior alterations, $1,280,000 on interior alterations for Sportchek outlet and $289,668 on tenant renovations at 1105 Wellington Road.

1379768 Ontario Inc.—spending $100,000 on interior restaurant alterations at 654 Wonderland Road North.

Wonderland Power Center (Holdings) Inc.—spending $195,000 on interior office work at 3200 Wonderland Road South.

Kilally Shopping Centre Inc.—spending $125,000 on convenience store renovations at 1285 Kilally Road.

1377578 Ontario Ltd.—spending $100,000 on medical office alterations at 1304 Commissioners Road West.

ESAM Construction Limited—spending $100,000 on retail store and storage alterations at 693 Wonderland Road North.

Sifton Properties Limited—spending $370,000 on medical office interior alterations at 1311 Riverbend Road.

Mercer CF/Realty Holdings Inc.—spending $200,000 on retail store alterations at 1680 Richmond Street.


Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd.—spending $60,000 on interior washroom construction at 3100 Nova Court.

Michelin Tires (Canada) Ltd.—spending $110,000 on warehouse site service construction at 1025 Green Valley Road.

Cassens Transport ULC—spending $180,000 on warehouse alterations at 1237 Green Valley Road.

Nestle Canada Inc.—spending $228,949 on manufacturing plant alterations at 980 Wilton Grove Road.


Leonard Management Board Secretariat—spending $528,600 on fire system upgrades at 600 Sanatorium Road.

London Health Sciences Centre—spending $168,690 on interior alterations at 800 Commissioners Road East.

Thames Valley District School Board—spending $150,000 on interior classroom alterations at 328 Springbank Drive, $334,000 on service system work at 70 Ponderosa Crescent and $1,230,000 on high-heat pump replacement at 525 Dundas Street.

London District Catholic School Board—spending $75,000 on classroom renovations at 1019 Viscount Road.

Western University Board of Governors—spending $2,800,000 on gym addition at 1151 Richmond Street.

Boys’ and Girls’ Club of London—spending $200,000 on elevator servicing at 184 Horton Street East.

London Health Association—spending $189,500 on interior renovations at 339 Windermere Road.

Note: Due to reporting procedures, the listed party may represent a prior holding and may not be responsible for reported investment.

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