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Photo: Denis Long, General Manager, Dalmar Motors Limited

I WAS FIRST INTRODUCED to Zomaron and its payment services by one of their sales representatives. Initially, it was the cost savings that attracted me, but what has made me stay with them for the last several years is their exceptional service and dedicated support.

ONE OF OUR UNIQUE challenges is taking deposits on deals and later refunding them—partially or totally—when the lease or finance deal is complete. Many dealerships are forced to pay fees for 100% of the credit card volume processed, regardless of refund volume. Zomaron, however, has a unique net-billing structure that helps manage and refund deposits without having to be charged both ways. We get refunded the interchange amount for all the deposit refunds we process. That’s a big savings for us.

ZOMARON TAKES A VERY proactive approach to client relationships. They regularly reach out to us to ensure uptime and reliability of the equipment. Any issues that have arisen, ­although very few, have been addressed quickly with fast solutions.

OUR CLIENTS ARE A DIVERSE demographic, and while we don’t have particularly high-value payment tickets, we do process a large quantity of transactions. With such a diverse clientele, international credit cards, including Discover cards, have been used on occasion. Zomaron has always been there to help us with any questions when something out of the ordinary occurs. Their client-centred service has not only helped us accommodate our customers, it has given us the confidence to trust in their expertise and know-how.

WE ARE IN THE SERVICE business and fully understand and appreciate what that involves. So to say someone’s service is “awesome” isn’t accorded very often. But that is the case with Zomaron. They are always trying to find ways to improve their service and make processes more ­efficient for us. They even make “house calls” if a ­problem arises—even if it is simply needing supplies or providing a temporary terminal. And with them ­being local, we don’t experience the delays that are often ­associated with other processing providers.

Success with Zomaron: Dalmar Motors Limited Promoted

If you run an automotive dealership, auto repair service, paint and body shop, tire store, towing service, car wash or aftermarket service, we know you deal with many unique ­opportunities and challenges every day. Check out how Zomaron can save you money and streamline your services by customizing your payment processing solutions to work in favour of your business: | 1-888-900-9192

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