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Photo: Don Thibert, President & CEO, Westervelt College 

THERE ARE TWO sides to our payment processing needs at Westervelt College. On the student facing side, there is a need for processing tuition, books and other scholastic-related supplies. On the customer side, we also run a clinic for massage therapy and require processing services to accept payment for treatments.

AS WE OPERATE both London’s Medix College and Westervelt College, cost reduction across both schools was a major factor in our decision to switch to Zomaron. After completing an accounting review on the Medix side, we saw that payment processing costs through our previous provider were high. So we decided to meet with Zomaron. After learning about their services and low rates, we chose to switch over Medix to Zomaron first, and then Westervelt shortly after. The savings have been significant.

THE SERVICE WE have received from Zomaron has been wonderful, and the seamless switchover from our previous provider was really impressive. After Zomaron arrived with new terminals, it only took 15 minutes until we were up and running and processing orders. No stress. No waiting. Wow.

IN ADDITION TO payment processing, we were pleased to learn of Zomaron’s proprietary suite of technologies. In fact, Westervelt and Zomaron are now working together on training applications for our students using their technology. Through the use of Zomaron’s Siris business solution, our students now gain the ability to learn a comprehensive and state-of-the-art business system for appointment scheduling, customer relationship management and point-of-sale servicing. These are critical skills they will need when they graduate and run their own business or work in their chosen industry.

IT’S A REAL PLEASURE to be partnering with a local business and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to work with Zomaron. With the speed at which they respond to our needs with the right service solutions at the best possible price, I’d highly recommend them. Any business that is processing payments with another company should take the time to do a cost comparison with Zomaron. It’s definitely worth it.

Success with Zomaron: Westervelt College Promoted

Choosing the right payment processing provider for a school or institution makes it easy for students and their parents to make payments on their account. Check out how Zomaron can save you money and streamline your services by customizing your payment processing solutions to work in favour of your business: | 1-888-900-9192

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