Success with Zomaron: Neighbourhood Pet Clinic Group Inc.

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Photo: Brent Barr, Business Director, Neighbourhood Pet Clinic Group Inc.

WE OPENED OUR first clinic, Westmount Neighbourhood Pet Clinic, in 2008 and have since expanded to include a second location in North London and a mobile unit. We know that going to the vet can be scary, so our facilities are designed to make our furry friends feel safe, secure and appreciated. Our neighbours know that their pets are valued members of the family. We help make caring for these furry family members as easy as possible by adding new developments to our business such as on-site grooming, free product delivery, a pet shuttle, automatic product re-ordering and at-home services.

IN A TYPICAL DAY, we do payment transactions for grooming, prescriptions, dog or cat food, delivery and veterinary services. We offer the ability for clients to pay with cash, cheque, debit or credit, however there are many days during which not a single cash transaction is made. As society switches from cash to electronic payments, it is imperative for us to have reliable and user-friendly payment solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

AROUND 2009, Zomaron contacted us to educate us about their services. Although we weren’t looking to switch at the time, they still introduced themselves without pressuring us to switch. Throughout the next few years, we got to know the company and the team, and about four years ago the decision to go with Zomaron was made. We knew they were great people with products and services that met—and exceeded—our needs and expectations.

IT WAS VERY important for us to find a processing solution that we could trust to represent us as a business, and Zomaron does this very well. Payment processing is often the last interaction that happens with our brand in a visit. We are challenged to end that moment as positively as possible, so that the client leaves our business feeling confident in the customer service they just received. This positive experience can be as simple as having a smooth transaction at the front desk, however the portability of Zomaron’s processing machines gives us the option to process transactions in an exam room, where a furry friend or pet parent may be more comfortable.

ONE DAY LAST year we called Zomaron for help after experiencing issues with our debit machines. Not only were they extremely patient and considerate when we had to interrupt the conversation to help our clients, they were super helpful even after we determined that the issue with the terminals was not on their end. They helped us work it through regardless. In fact, every time we’ve contacted Zomaron, they have not only been quick in addressing any issues, but they have also done so in an incredibly courteous way. We highly value the service they provide. Zomaron’s partnership with us to help make our customer service experience as pleasant and smooth as possible is the reason we choose to stay with them, year after year.

Success with Zomaron: Neighbourhood Pet Clinic Group Inc.  Promoted

At Zomaron, we know that health-related businesses like veterinary clinics would rather focus on their patients than figure out how to batch out a terminal. That’s why we’re always here to help streamline services and take you through each step of ­our payment processing solutions: | 1-888-900-9192

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