Success with Zomaron: Porsche of London

Driven by the desire to exceed customer expectations, Porsche of London provides an extraordinary and memorable automotive experience

Photo: Steve Rempel, General Manager, Porsche of London

PORSCHE OF LONDON has been in business since 2010. Prior to that, local Porsche drivers had to go elsewhere for sales and service. Our dealership is like no other in the city; we feature the finest in automotive workmanship, technology and exclusivity, plus the most highly trained service technicians in the industry.

MOST OF OUR clients have done their research and know ­exactly what they want. They’ve either been driving the Porsche brand for a very long time, or they’re new to the brand and they want a car that’s going to perform.

IT’S AN ONGOING commitment to customer care that sets our dealership apart from the crowd, and the payment processing technology we provide to our clients plays an integral role in that. The ease and speed at which we are able to process payments is an important part of our business; particularly when you’re selling and servicing one of the most desirable brands in North America.

ABOUT THREE MONTHS ago we added the Poynt Smart Terminal from Zomaron. We made the switch because its sleek design was an ideal aesthetic fit for our brand and our clientele; not to mention it’s cost effective, user friendly and has all the functionalities we were looking for. It looks fantastic, and with dual touch screens, it gives both our clients and employees a great view of every transaction.

Success with Zomaron: Porsche of London  Promoted

POYNT ENABLES US to take the transaction to our clients. We can use it at the front desk, on the display floor, in the ­customer lounge, or in a private office. Some people want to ­remain as anonymous as possible when making large ­purchases, so it’s convenient to be able to go to them and ­accommodate the way they want to pay.

THE POYNT TERMINAL also provides us with powerful ­transaction and reporting tools. We can email customer receipts directly from the terminal, and we can even go back through the payment history and see the customer’s name and transaction. We haven’t been able to do this with any other terminal. And through the Poynt HQ dashboard, we are also able to view reports and real-time statistics online.

WE ARE SO pleased that Zomaron introduced us to Poynt. The excellent customer service we receive from them is one of the main reasons we appreciate doing business with Zomaron. If we have an issue, we’re always able to reach someone quickly and get a fast resolution. Zomaron has always been here for us from the day we opened in London; offering great service and the best deal we can find, year in and year out.

Success with Zomaron: Porsche of London  Promoted

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to keep up with the latest technology and trends. Check out how Zomaron can modernize your payment systems with the new Poynt Smart Terminal. With seamless POS integration, on-the-go reporting and a beautiful dual-touchscreen design, Poynt is an all-in-one solution you will actually want on your counter. Contact Zomaron today for more details:: | 1-888-900-9192

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