Movin’ On Up

By allowing ticket holders to upgrade their seats, Dibbzz is
setting out to optimize the fan experience

Photo: Brennon D’Souza

SPRING IS IN the air, and with it comes baseball season, outdoor concerts and a host of warm-weather ticketed events. Unfortunately, as often as not it seems those tickets have you viewing that great event from nosebleed seats. The action might be happening, but you’re so far back you can’t tell one way or the other.

Well, enter Dibbzz, a real-time seat upgrade solution for existing ticket holders at event venues.

What does that mean? Instead of using binoculars to see the action, you could be using Dibbzz to upgrade to a better seat almost instantly.

“We built Dibbzz to give fans of the performing arts, concerts and sports the option of upgrading their seats to better ones from unused inventory, without devaluing existing price structures,” says Dibbzz founder, Brennon D’Souza. “Our process provides upgrades in under one minute, which creates a better fan experience while increasing the venue’s bottom line, without the patron ever having to download an app or visit the box office.”

That’s right—no app, no standing in line, no hassle. Unlike a traditional ticketing service, Dibbzz can do it all right from your phone. How? By allowing attendees to pick from unsold tickets to upgrade.

“The ticket industry is broken and in need of disruption” 
Brennon D’Souza

“We solve the big problem of monetizing unsold seats through our unique SMS texting platform,” explains D’Souza. “We upgrade existing ticket holders by using our patented Seat Master system, which achieves success in under one minute. Our solution learns and predicts how people upgrade seats and introduces live pricing options based on supply and demand, maximizing revenue for the venue and value for the customer.”

The ticketing industry, dominated by a handful of giants like Ticketmaster, is no stranger to controversy. Exorbitant fees, excessive scalping and confusing presales can all leave customers frustrated. Dibbzz saw an opportunity to disrupt the ticket industry and give customers back some of the value that had eroded.

“The ticketing industry is broken and in need of disruption,” stresses D’Souza. “Customers are outraged about the poor user experience with ever increasing fees, dealing with resellers, scalping, etc. I believe to break into this industry, you have to offer something unique to your customers and have them champion your cause.”

Movin' On Up Focus

For Dibbzz, that means putting the customer first instead of last in the ticketing process.

“Gone are the days of the monopolies running the show,” he says. “It is new concepts and new technology that will pave the path to the future of ticketing, and our smart ticketing is poised to be one of the big players in the game.”

It’s early days yet for Dibbzz, but D’Souza is working hard and moving quickly to keep the momentum up.

“After a recent successful round of funding, we are in full development of the beta to release to our early adopting venues,” he says. “We are also being extremely aggressive in meeting and exceeding our milestone to have people call Dibbzz at most Ontario event venues within the year.” Movin' On Up Focus 

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