Exit Lane: Jason O’Neil

Jason O’Neil
Wall Street Maintenance Inc. & WSMC Properties Inc.

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
6.2-litre V8, 460 HP
10,000 kilometres

I JUST GOT this car last month. I had a 2007 Corvette and was looking to upgrade into something new, either another Corvette or a [Dodge] Viper. My cousin works at a Chevrolet dealership in Wallaceburg, and he texted me pictures of this car coming off the truck without the spoiler and ground effects installed. As soon as he sent pictures of it fully done up, I knew I wanted it.

I’VE ALWAYS REALLY liked Corvettes. They’re fast, sleek and surprisingly comfortable on long trips. And compared to other sports cars, the price point is really good. There’s a ton of value for what you pay.

MY 2007 CORVETTE had automatic paddle shift; this one is a seven-speed manual transmission. You get a little more power, but it’s a little more work, too. To be honest, sometimes I would rather just sit back and cruise without having to shift all the time.

MY LAST CORVETTE was also a convertible, so it was really tight on storage. The hardtop provides a lot more trunk space. It’s nice to be able to pack more than one set of golf clubs in the back.

I HAVE A truck—a Ford F150—that I use for work and winter driving. But once the good weather arrives, I get out in my car as often as I can.

ONE OF MY favourite drives is along the Grand River, between Six Nations and Caledonia. The speed limits are fairly low, but it’s paved really well and there are lots of curves and ups and downs.

I’VE BEEN FORTUNATE to always manage to get really good deals on cars, so I’ve pretty much had a new car every year. But this one is pretty nice, so I can see myself keeping it for a few years. I imagine it’s going to be little tougher to upgrade from here. Exit Lane: Jason O'Neil Exit Lane

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