Exit Lane: Loretta Gordon-Bock

Loretta Gordon-Bock
Owner & CEO
Gordons Gold

2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is
3.0-litre inline six, 335 HP
61,000 kilometres

THIS IS OUR second Z4. Before this, we had a 2006 model year. We don’t spoil ourselves on too many things, but when we first saw the Z4, opened the door and slid in to the seats, I remember saying to my husband, ‘We just might have to take this one.’ It’s our little splurge on ourselves.

IT PROBABLY WOULDN’T surprise anyone to learn the convertible top is my favourite feature about this car. Driving around with the top down in the summer months is the most delightful thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a road trip or just the drive into work, having the top down is a joy. And I love how it swings back into the trunk automatically.

THE OTHER THING I really love about this car is the shape. I think the long front end and the curves of the Z4 are really quite glamourous.

THIS MODEL HAS a double-clutch transmission, which allows you the best of both worlds—both ­standard and automatic. We really enjoy driving it in the manual mode, but it’s really nice to have the automatic option there as well.

Exit Lane: Loretta Gordon-Bock Exit Lane

WE DRIVE IT year-round. It has stability and traction control, and with the winter tire package it handles really well in winter conditions. I always feel safe driving it.

WE HAVE A few trips we like to take, but the drives that really stand out for me are those trips to see the sunset in Grand Bend. We work so hard that just to have a few moments away to capture a beautiful natural display are really special. They’re memorable. Exit Lane: Loretta Gordon-Bock Exit Lane

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