Success with Zomaron: Oegema Turkey Farms

A passionate commitment to the very best product and servicing is the
key to success at Oegema Turkey Farms

Photo: Annie Oegema, Retail Manager, Oegema Turkey Farms

OEGEMA TURKEY FARMS is a third-generation family farm, started in 1958. Successive generations have contributed years of experience and education, in business and agriculture, to develop the operation. We grow approximately 55,000 turkeys per year. Our commitment to raising the best bird possible requires many hours in the barns caring for our flocks.

IN 1992, WE started The Turkey Shoppe, offering turkey ­products to consumers direct from the farm. Originally, there was one employee and the store was open three days a week. Over the years the business and product line has grown to the point where we are now open six days a week with six full-time and part-time employees.

WE USE ZOMARON point-of-sale technology in a few ­different settings in our business. We have a payment processing terminal in our retail store, and at the peak holiday seasons we bring a second terminal into the store to help meet our volume increases. We also use wireless terminals for sales at farmer’s markets in Brantford and St. Thomas.

WE PREVIOUSLY DEALT with another payment processing ­provider, and there were a couple of factors that contributed to our decision to switch to Zomaron. One of the primary reasons was not having to be tied to a terminal rental contract for an entire year. Zomaron allows us to rent the additional terminal for our retail store for a three-month period, and we rent the wireless terminal for the St. Thomas market for six months. Our former provider didn’t offer that kind of flexibility, which meant we were spending a lot of additional money each year for something we were not using.

Success with Zomaron: Oegema Turkey Farms Promoted

IT’S ALSO BEEN really great to have your service representative be a local person. When situations have called for technical support, Zomaron has handled it right away. We’ve even had a service call on a Saturday morning! The same goes for support with hardware. We’ve had Zomaron deliver us new equipment right away—there’s no waiting to have items shipped out. In this day and age, having that kind of backing and support can be a tremendous business advantage.

WE STRIVE TO impress each one of customers with a bright, clean facility, wonderful aromas, and the fact that all of our products are made with care and attention to detail. It’s important to us that our business partners share in our passion, and with Zomaron, we’ve found a professional, dependable, and knowledgeable partner. They care about our business and our success, and it shows.

Success with Zomaron: Oegema Turkey Farms Promoted

If you run a business with seasonal demands or off-site sales, Zomaron makes it easy to tailor your credit and debit card payment services. Check out how Zomaron can save you money and streamline your operation by customizing your payment processing solutions to work in favour of your business: | 1-888-900-9192

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