Success with Zomaron: Campbell Bros. Movers Limited

An all-in-one online payment solution helps Canada’s largest family-owned moving company stay ahead of the competition

Photo: Chris Gordon, Controller, Campbell Bros. Movers Limited

CAMPBELL BROS. MOVERS was originally incorporated in 1962 by brothers Alex and Doug Campbell, however the Campbell family has been involved in the moving industry since 1915. The company has grown from a single location to 20 locations across the country, as well as adding a relocation company and real estate offices in three cities. Ownership of the company has recently passed to the next generation: Adam Campbell and Chris Campbell manage the moving side of the business; Blair Campbell oversees the real estate division; and Kyle ­Nelson runs the relocation company.

I HAVE WORKED with Campbell Bros. since 1991, and today, we employ approximately 400 people across the country. Our payment solutions technology is incredibly important to our organization, as we process nearly $10 million a year in credit card sales. We need technology that is easy to use, flexible, and, most importantly, is backed by great customer service.

WHEN ZOMARON FIRST approached us, they were able to quickly show us that we were over-paying in certain areas and offer us far more competitive rates compared to what we were previously paying.

Success with Zomaron: Campbell Bros. Movers Limited Promoted

CAMPBELL BROS. MOVERS uses the Converge payment solution offered by Zomaron. We use it on a daily basis for the processing of moves as they are completed, and on a monthly basis for a large number of our customers that have goods in storage in our various warehouses across the country. The recurring billing feature allows us to set up a client’s credit card information once and easily charge and bill them from month to month.

THE CONVERGE PLATFORM also provides great reporting, allowing us to run customized reports to get the information we need. The tables are sortable, so you can find customers, check dates, and view information in a variety of ways. For example, we’re able to print off a report of expiring credit cards, which allows us to contact a customer prior to a payment being processed, and the admin feature allows us to verify transactions processed by our different locations without having to contact our other branches and wait for answers.

CMAPBELL BROS.’ VISION is to provide a perfect move to every customer, every time, and Zomaron helps us achieve that. The customer service has been incredible; any time there has been a question that one of our staff may have, we can pick up the phone or send an email and Zomaron’s customer ­service ­representatives always resolve our concerns quickly and ­efficiently. It’s been fantastic.

Success with Zomaron: Campbell Bros. Movers Limited Promoted

If your organization requires a payment platform that flexes with your business and helps you manage payments securely and safely online, check out how Zomaron’s all-in-one processing solutions grow with your business and lower your investment: | 1-888-900-9192

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