Exit Lane: Arlene Munn-Mace

Arlene Munn-Mace
General Manager,
The Fox & Fiddle London

2013 Lexus 350
3.5-litre V6, 270 HP
54,200 kilometres

BEFORE I PURCHASED this car, I was driving a [Toyota] Highlander Hybrid. I got a call from Lexus inquiring if I might be interested in trading it in because at the time there was a big demand in Ontario for used Highlanders. I’d had it for about six years, and in another two or three years there was a chance that I was going to have to replace the batteries—at a cost of about $13,000. It was a pretty easy decision.

I WAS ATTRACTED to the 350 for a bunch of reasons. I liked the styling, the size, the comfort. And I did my research: I knew it had an excellent reputation as a great vehicle.

I GOT THE base model; there really isn’t much in the way of bells and whistles on this car. Looking back, I do wish I had opted for a reverse camera. I had that feature on my two previous cars, and it makes life a little easier and safer when backing up.

I ALWAYS NAME my cars. After having it for a week or so, the name ‘Lilly’ popped into my head. It’s white, beautiful, made me think of lilies, so Lilly it was.

Exit Lane: Arlene Munn-Mace  Exit Lane

THERE ARE NO headaches with this vehicle—you get the oil changed and that’s about it. There’s a whole lot to be said for that kind of reliability. Knowing that when you head out to your laneway or garage every morning that your car is going to start up and be trouble-free is great peace of mind, particularly in this climate.

GIVEN THE LOW mileage, I figure I’m going to keep it for at least another five or six years. When I take it in for an oil change and get a loaner, it is kinda nice to drive around in something new and fancy. But when I get back into Lilly, it’s like slipping into comfortable clothes. It’ll be a while before I look for something new.

THE SIZE IS ideal for me. When we do girls’ weekends in Grand Bend, it’s great to have the additional space to pack everything you need in one go—less trips to the store and more time spent with friends. Exit Lane: Arlene Munn-Mace  Exit Lane

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