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Dedicated to outstanding customer service, is changing the way people think about telecommunications providers

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START.CA WAS FOUNDED in 1995 and has grown to 160 employees servicing more than 70,000 customers across Ontario. We service both the residential and business communities, ­supplying fibre, cable and DSL internet, digital phone and TV service to residential consumers, and a full suite of internet and data hosting services for businesses.

PAYMENT PROCESSING IS a critical component of our business. For the most part, our customers pay online, on a recurring month-to-month basis. We have approximately 40,000 charges run at the first of the month. We need to make sure our payment system is secure for the consumer, and payments are processed smoothly and accurately, without any risk to their credit or credit cards.

PRIOR TO MAKING the switch to Zomaron, one of the problems we were having with our previous processor was their ­inability to support new payment technologies, specifically payment through MasterCard debit and Visa debit, which a lot of our ­customers wanted. Switching to Zomaron made that possible—and made a lot of our customers very happy.

ONE OF THE exciting things about Zomaron’s services is the availability of Apple Pay and Google Pay processing. We expect more and more of our clients to use mobile devices for ­payments, and to have that technology piece ready for us is very reassuring. Ultimately, it boils down to payment diversity, and Zomaron has that for us.

Success with Zomaron: Promoted

AS YOU CAN imagine, on a monthly basis we have a lot of chargebacks, voids, and payment adjustments that need to be made. With our previous provider, the online portals were cumbersome and confusing. With Zomaron, we have a single portal that is much easier to use, which enables us to solve most of our billing problems on our own. The accounting team
loves it.

THE CUSTOMER SERVICE we have received from Zomaron has been outstanding. In addition to being able to get support quickly and easily, we regularly receive calls from Zomaron just to see if we need help with anything. This experience has been a refreshing change of pace and really shows how important our business is to them.

FEATURES, FUNCTIONALITY AND support were our primary ­reasons for making the switch to Zomaron, but we’ve also been able to realize a significant savings in our payment processing costs, which was a really nice surprise.

AT START.CA, OUR VISION is to always provide our customers with quality service and positive experiences. Both and Zomaron compete against the major players in our industries—we have a lot in common that way—and both companies know that having a high level of reliability, great customer service and a wide range of product options are the difference-makers. It’s nice to support another local business, and it’s great to work alongside another organization that shares our values.

Success with Zomaron: Promoted

Today’s consumers demand comprehensive processing solutions that make it easy to pay with a wide variety of payment methods. If your business depends on recurring billing or subscriptions, check out how Zomaron can streamline your operations, improve your services and save your money. Serving thousands of satisfied clients, Zomaron’s dynamic team is ready to help: | 1-888-900-9192

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