Success with Zomaron: Dos Tacos

Born out of a passion for the authentic taco experience, Dos Tacos brings an inspired dining experience to the fast-food scene

Photo: Zaid Farid and Asaad Naeeli, Owners, Dos Tacos

WE WERE ON vacation in California in 2016 and had opportunities to visit plenty of taco spots while we were there. We’ve been part of the London community for most of our lives, and we thought a proper taco spot in London was something long overdue, especially in the downtown Richmond Row area.

WHEN WE FIRST opened in the summer of 2017, we thought our customer base was going to be all student demographic, especially after all the bars close on Richmond Row. But we’ve found that we have a large variation of Londoners who come to our restaurant—and we’re very grateful for that. We get families with young children, working professionals and seniors as well.

OUR PAYMENT PROCESSING solution is one of the key ­components of our business. Our customers want to be able to pay quickly and easily using their debit cards, credit cards and mobile phones, which a lot of students like to use. Our business has peak times where we get a rush of ­customers, and if our payment processing is slow or unreliable, we wouldn’t meet our sales goals, the wait times for food would be too long and, ultimately, people wouldn’t come back.

Success with Zomaron: Dos Tacos Promoted

WE DID A lot of research before choosing a payment processing partner. We talked to many suppliers and shopped around for different merchant services providers and POS systems trying to find the one that would be the best fit for us. We ultimately chose Zomaron for their quality of service, value over their ­competitors and the fact that we didn’t have to secure a POS system and merchant services separately. Zomaron provided us with the talech POS system connected to a payment terminal—it’s integrated and works well together.

OUR TALECH POS system allows us to customize our entire menu, and the user-friendly interface lets us easily punch in an order—it immediately sends that total amount to our payment terminal while we are preparing their food. We also use the backend reporting features to look at sales per hour, sales per item, labour costs, timesheets for employees and inventory breakdowns. The reports really help us determine our busiest times, and we scheduled our staff around those findings. We use it to make business decisions
on a daily basis.

Success with Zomaron: Dos Tacos Promoted

AS A SMALL, independent, local restaurant, we have ambitions to grow and franchise, so having a reliable and dependable payment processing system in place is invaluable. It enables us to focus on things that will help us grow while knowing our staff have the tools needed to get the job done.

WE ADVISE ANY business looking for a payment processor to connect with Zomaron. Apart from their dependability, reliability, speed and friendly customer service, they provided us with a tailored solution that works perfectly with our business. It’s a great relationship.

Success with Zomaron: Dos Tacos Promoted

Today’s diners not only expect exceptional food when dining out, but also a fast, simple payment process that makes it easy to pay with debit and credit cards. Check out how Zomaron can save you money and streamline your operations with processing solutions designed for the food and beverage industry. Serving thousands of satisfied clients, Zomaron’s dynamic team is ready to help: | 1-888-900-9192

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