Exit Lane: Brad Geddes

Brad Geddes
President & CEO

2017 Genesis G90
5.0-litre V8, 420 HP
55,175 kilometers

WHEN CONSIDERING HOW we should celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in 2017, my wife suggested a European river cruise. As an amateur watch collector, I was hoping for a new watch. But then I had a better idea: why not upgrade our ride to a first-time purchase of a brand-new luxury vehicle? She wasn’t impressed.

SPENDING A LARGE amount of windshield time as I do on the 401, my previous vehicles had typically been Chrysler 300s, providing the spaciousness and comfort I prefer.

CONTEMPLATING WHICH LUXURY vehicle to buy, I researched many options and test drove a Mercedes S550, Audi A8 and Lexus IS 350—all great vehicles.

I’M INHERENTLY FRUGAL, but my children think of me as being cheap. So, they were surprised when I opted to buy a full-size luxury sedan, the first year G90 model from Genesis Motors, a new car company spun off from Hyundai.

Exit Lane: Brad Geddes Exit Lane

FROM STUDYING THE reviews and test-driving the first G90 brought to the city by Genesis London, I was convinced that a luxury ride and superior comfort could be acquired without the luxury price tag. I find the G90 to be quick, responsive and extremely quiet. It has all the amenities expected in a high-end luxury vehicle, including heads-up display and large navigation screen. My only real complaint is the cup holders are not temperature controlled like I had in my previous Chrysler 300.

MY WIFE AND I did celebrate our anniversary with a river cruise. I was also able to convince her to take a side trip to Hamburg, Germany to pick up a custom-made watch by master watchmaker Christine Genesis—no relation to the Genesis car company. A special anniversary present; a luxury timepiece to match
my luxury vehicle. Exit Lane: Brad Geddes Exit Lane

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