Council Provides Tax Relief

City Hall waives interest and penalties on unpaid taxes for 60 days

LONDON CITY COUNCILLORS have approved an emergency motion to provide temporary economic relief to Londoners during the COVID-19 crisis.

During a meeting on Tuesday, council unanimously approved three measures in an effort to relieve some financial burden on residents:

Waiving interest and penalties for 60 days on unpaid Interim 2020 property taxes that are due March 31.

Waiving interest and penalties for a minimum of 60 days on unpaid water and wastewater bills.

All Community Improvement Plan (CIP) loan repayments will be deferred on an interest-free basis for a minimum period of 60 days.

The measures, which were approved for 60 days, may be extended as politicians asked staff to report back with further steps on how to help Londoners, including a potential deferral of the next payment installment scheduled for June. Council Provides Tax Relief  COVID-19

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