Clothing campaign aims to rally small business

Local Canada Strong initiative looks to rally small businesses in support of small businesses

A NEW LONDON-BASED clothing initiative is looking to rally small business owners and their clients to generate awareness, support and funds for small, local businesses and front-line organizations.

Conceived and launched by Curt Collins, owner of Collins Clothiers and Collins Formal Wear, the Canada Strong: Small Business Initiative Campaign features a line of branded apparel (hoodies, t-shirts, hats, etc.) featuring a Canada Strong logo, and further community branding in support of small businesses or front-line workers.

Collins in inviting any and all small businesses to promote the Canada Strong clothing line, which is sold online and direct-shipped, to their customer base. Once a purchase has been made, 10 per cent of purchase total goes back to the promoting business, and a further 10 per cent is put aside in a support fund for either small businesses or front-line workers. At checkout, purchasers are invited to recommend a business or community recipient, and based on the input from purchasers, the collected funds will be directed the selected beneficiaries.

“We welcome any and every small business owner to get involved,” Collins said a release. “It’s an ideal opportunity for independently owned convenience stores and restaurants to gain support and funds for their business while giving back to their community at the same time.”

According to Collings, there is a spot at online checkout for the consumer to nominate the small business they think needs support. “Each business has a chance to submit their story and we will select recipients of the funds based on all of this input. We’re offering all necessary resources ― graphics, weblink, etc. ― to any small business owners wanting to get involved.”

To get set-up with images to share on social and with your email marketing list, interested small business are invited to contact Collins at 519-680-2986 or

“We all need to come together in this unprecedented time,” said Collins. “You have nothing to lose, so why not join Canada Strong and support your business and your community?” Clothing campaign aims to rally small business COVID-19

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