YMCA SWO launches virtual workout studio

YMCA of Southwestern Ontario Launches Virtual YMCA

THE YMCA OF Southwestern Ontario has launched a Virtual YMCA ― VirtualYMCASWO.ca ― to maintain its commitment to healthy, active individuals, families and communities during COVID-19 physical distancing measures.

The all-in-one site features recommendations on maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit and regular association updates, and is an access point to the YMCA’s new virtual workout studio, YThrive Home. All resources are free and available to anyone seeking ways to keep active, not only YMCA members.

Created in collaboration with YMCAs across Canada, YThrive Home is a series of online fitness classes to help Canadians continue to achieve their health goals and stay connected to their communities from the comfort of their homes. New workouts are added regularly and feature YMCA fitness instructors leading a variety of workouts for every age and fitness level, including adults, families, kids and seniors.

“As a YMCA we pride ourselves on always being there for our communities, and we’re stepping that up again with YThrive Home,” said Andrew Lockie, president & CEO of YMCA of Southwestern Ontario. “We know that COVID-19 is having a significant effect on individuals and families, and this is one important way YMCAs can help keep all Canadians healthy and active.” YMCA SWO launches virtual workout studio COVID-19

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