Chalkboard Publishing adds home resources

Chalkboard Publishing launches educational resources programs for parents

Photo: Dave and Demetra Turnbull of Chalkboard Publishing Inc.

LONDON-BASED EDUCATIONAL materials publisher Chalkboard Publishing Inc., a leader in curriculum-based educational resources, has recently launched a 12-week guided homeschool programs for students in kindergarten to grade six to provide parents and students looking for grade-specific resources, learning, guidance and activities to help support them through the COVID-19 crisis period.

In addition, Chalkboard has created and launched a free resource called Chalkboard Learn, which provides Canadian parents and children with 20 days of reading, video, activities and outdoor adventures.

“As a parent and educator, I can see how overwhelming the prospect of guiding and teaching our children through this crisis may be,” said Demetra Turnbull, founder & CEO of Chalkboard Publishing. “Most of us don’t know where to start and we want a step-by-step guide. With this in mind, we created a tool that offers parents peace of mind — the program helps parents by leading them through activities and exercises for each day.

“We understand this is a particularly stressful time, and we are proud to provide a solution to parents who are looking for support. The goal isn’t to be perfect; the goal is to support your child as best you can.”

Founded in 2005, Chalkboard Publishing provides reproducible supplementary educational materials for kindergarten to grade-eight teachers. Our comprehensive educational materials reflect current curriculum standards and incorporate best teaching practices. Chalkboard Publishing adds home resources COVID-19

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