Ford to businesses: “Get ready”

Ontario premier unveils rules for businesses ahead of reopening

ONTARIO PREMIER DOUG Ford introduced sector-specific safety guidelines for businesses looking to re-enter the economy Thursday, which the province says will protect workers, customers and the general public from COVID-19 as Ontario prepares to gradually re-open the economy. 

More than 60 guidelines released by the province aim to provide direction to those working in manufacturing, restaurant and food service and other economic sectors. 

The guidelines will help companies “adapt” to our “new reality,” Ford said.

“This pandemic has turned our lives upside down… but we are winning this fight and we will win this fight,” he said. “Today we are telling our businesses how to be ready for when we get that green light.”

Some of the recommendations suggest employees in retail stores limit the number of people allowed inside at one time and consider minimizing or eliminating the handling of cash.

For workers in hospitality, the province recommends doing things like replacing guest buffets with packaged food stations and eliminating non-essential amenities in guest rooms.

Physical distancing measures and enhanced cleaning procedures have been recommended across the board for almost all industries.

An industry-by-industry breakdown of the new guidelines can be accessed here. Ford to businesses: "Get ready" COVID-19


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