Toyota Woodstock to resume production

Toyota Woodstock gears up to resume production on Wednesday

TEAM LEADERS AT Toyota Canada’s manufacturing plant in Woodstock are expected to return to work Monday morning, the first step in a gradual process of restarting production following an almost two month-long shutdown due to Covid-19.

The team leaders will spend the day learning the new safety procedures that have been brought in to prevent the spread of coronavirus ahead of restarting production on Wednesday.

Toyota Woodstock to resume production COVID-19

There are several new safety measures in place, including having employees fill out a survey prior to arriving at work with questions about possible symptoms and past travel. After they arrive at the plant, workers must sanitize their hands, put on a mask and have their temperatures taken before beginning work.

Toyota Canada first shuttered plants March 19 after a worker at the Toyota Cambridge tested positive for COVID-19. To date, three people who worked there have tested positive, the company has confirmed. The company’s timelines and safety procedures will be the same at plants in both Woodstock and Cambridge.

In mid-April, some workers returned to work in both plants to start preparing new sanitary and safety protocols and to ensure the facilities are functional for production. More than 8,000 people work at the plants in Woodstock and Cambridge. Toyota Woodstock to resume production COVID-19

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