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Launching a new information list and weekly contest, Downtown London looks to entice shoppers back to downtown merchants

Photo: Barbara Maly, executive director, Downtown London

THE MERCHANT REPRESENTATION group Downtown London has launched a new campaign called “Hit Our Bricks, Small in the New Mall” in an effort to encourage shoppers to return to the core.

The campaign is accompanied by a new published list of downtown businesses that are up and running, as well as a new weekly contest to entice people to shop downtown.

The published list includes downtown businesses that are now open for business and categorizes them based on the type of service they are providing ― open to the public, curbside service, private appointment, takeout/delivery and online.

The contest encourages shoppers to submit a photo of a purchase made at a downtown merchant, and awards $500 worth of “downtown dollars” to a winner on a weekly basis for the next eight weeks.

Core of the matter COVID-19

Downtown London executive director, Barbara Maly, told CBC News London that getting shoppers to return to the core — while practicing safe physical distancing — will be key to helping merchants who are struggling after weeks of lost income.

“We just want to remind everyone how unique downtown is, with a lot of unique shops and a personalized experience for shopping,” she said. “[Businesses] have been able to improvise for a period of time, but many of them that are now able to open on the retail side, this has been a long-awaited opportunity for them.” Core of the matter COVID-19

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