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From busy professionals and harried parents to seniors in need of a helping hand, Life Made Easier makes every client feel like the most important person in the world

Photo: Alenka Manners, founder of Life Made Easier. Photos by Kelly Taylor Photography

EVEN AS MANY of us are staying home and dramatically paring down our projects and commitments, for some the chores and responsibilities seems to grow and grow. Bedrooms are pulling double-duty as home offices, kitchen tables have become classrooms and managing the household has become an on-the-fly process with brand new challenges. Even with nothing to do, it seems there is always something you’ve just haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

Now, imagine being tasked with planning and executing a move or a home renovation during all of this — commitments many households made before the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you’re a family changing homes or a senior couple downsizing, it is the kind of situation that might quickly become unmanageable.

It is in situations like these that a personal concierge service like Life Made Easier can step in to ease the burden.

Reclaim your time Focus

“The decisions to move and transition into a new home is often overwhelming, stressful and emotionally difficult,” says Alenka Manners, who founded Life Made Easier nearly nine years ago. “We’re around to help, to make things as seamless as possible.” The company has grown considerably, with three employees and a Rolodex that has been a decade in the making.

Think of Life Made Easier as your on-call personal assistant — someone to manage your schedule, someone let you know where to be and when, someone to manage your to-do list and make sure all your ducks are in a row. Like the best assistants, Life Made Easier are generalists, jacks of all trades.

“No task is too great or too small,” says Manners. Want someone to take care of a grocery run while you stay inside? They can do that. Need someone to pack up your entire home, move it and completely set it up in its new location, without your ever having to lift a finger? They can (and have) done that, too. Even if you just have a long and unorganized to-do list before a major project, Life Made Easier will sit down with you, help draw up a plan and give you all the right names to call.

“Our objective is to help our clients reclaim their time and alleviate their feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed or anxious” —Alenka Manners

“I’ve had clients of mine saying, ‘I need a new car, I don’t like going into dealerships and I need to sell my car,’” says Manners. “So, I’ve managed all that, too.”

Managing household moves, especially for seniors who can’t necessarily take on the heavy lifting, has become one of the company’s specialties. And its service goes well beyond just hiring movers and booking trucks. Life Made Easier can take care of everything else, too: securing the right real estate agent; helping you purge, organize, sell or donate unwanted items; and making sure treasured items and furniture is taken care of as it becomes a part of your new home.

“Everyone is very pleased with the end product,” Manners says. “We can customize the process to their needs, and we do absolutely everything — hiring movers, packing, overseeing the move and getting them moved in.” Instead of a lengthy and intimidating honey-do list, what you get is more time to enjoy and settle into your new digs. “What ends up happening,” explains Manners, “is they move to point B, and everything’s already taken care of.”

Reclaim your time Focus

In hectic and uncertain times, it is near impossible to put a price on peace of mind. But you can hire Life Made Easier. “I deliver on my promises, meet all my deadlines and alleviate the concerns that clients initially had about moving,” says Manners. “I’ve made some really great relationships with different service providers in the city.”

Indeed, it is the extra touches that set Life Made Easier apart. “Our objective is to help our clients reclaim their time and alleviate their feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed or anxious,” Manners sums up. The flowers waiting for your arrival, the bill you might have forgotten to cancel, the plants that need to be watered — Manners has done it all. Life Made Easier, with its personal touch, goes beyond working as a professional sidekick to become a trusted partner, no matter the task in front of you.

For more information on the full range of services provided by Life Made Easier, click here.

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