Keeping pace with the digital age

Creating a wow factor for end users, EyeLook Media delivers a complete range of rich and dynamic digital signage and communications solutions

THINK BACK TO 2008, the year EyeLook Media was first founded. Things looked a little different out in the world: commercial display screens still competed with the old-fashioned printed poster, digital marketing was a futuristic-sounding niche and the day’s smartphones were primitive bricks by today’s computational standards. Indeed, the importance of digital communications — and of digital marketing itself — was not yet cemented in the average business owner’s mind.

Over the years, digital marketing has grown more sophisticated, more competitive and more complex, and EyeLook Media has grown up right alongside it, building from a small digital signage company into a comprehensive digital communications firm specializing in digital signage, social media management, website design, outdoor LED signs, interactive kiosks and graphic design.

Keeping pace with the digital age Focus

In fact, ever since EyeLook Media was founded by Dan Wright in 2008, the company has been expanding and adapting in step with the digital marketing industry, and they remain on the cutting edge today as the industry moves in a bold multi-faceted future of digital communications, touch-screen solutions and innovative marketing.

That growth has been informed by years of experience, a proven team of pros and a long list of successful campaigns expertly tailored for satisfied clients — all contributing to a reputation for quality across North America.

“EyeLook Media has evolved over the years to accommodate the needs of its clients,” says Wright. “My family and I care about London, and we are doing what we can to help everyone move forward.”

When it comes to effective and engaging business marketing, long gone are the old days of placing a simple ad in the paper to get the word out (for one thing, there just aren’t many papers). It seems that reaching the modern consumer these days calls for a full-spectrum of digital communication mechanisms — from intuitive web design and visual branding solutions to a robust social media strategy. And that has become even more true these days, when websites, socials and apps are our connection, in many cases, to the outside world itself.

EyeLook Media takes a top-down approach to your businesses goals and ensures you have a unified message across all platforms. Instead of having to manage several companies with your vision, EyeLook Media gives you one point of contact for all your visual communication needs.

“Our new services make sure that we can cover all visual communications areas that a business may need, at an affordable monthly rate” —Dan Wright

But who really wants to trust their digital identity to a big, faceless firm? In a world of mega companies, inflated pricing and slow turnaround times, EyeLook Media has worked tirelessly to remain an approachable, affordable and comfortable partner for your business — and a local one to boot.

“EyeLook Media has gone above and beyond for me countless times. They are always helpful, easy to work with and a kind, customer service-oriented company,” says Kevin Harris, general manager of operations at Harris Home Hardware. “With us being a family-run business and customer service oriented ourselves, we cherish a company who has the same values and beliefs as we do.”

With a local team boasting a “small but mighty” identity, EyeLook Media staff work fast, quote to spec and adhere to a no-nonsense approach to getting things done. And as an EyeLook Media client, you know who your point of contact is at all times and you’re always able to immediately reach out when you need them.

“Our new services make sure that we can cover all visual communications areas that a business may need, at an affordable monthly rate,” Wright explains. “We are a growing team, dedicated to each other and our clients. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.”

Offering a complete spectrum of visual communications solutions, EyeLook Media can perfectly tailor a solution to seamlessly connect with your customers. Their digital display signage can be seen at work everywhere from buffet lines and automotive waiting rooms to outdoor LED displays and touch-screen maps in hotels. The digital display is always there to invite you in to help, never getting in the way of things and is relentlessly informative — whether that means a landmark map for visitors or just helping customers decide what to eat for lunch.

Whatever your communication and marketing needs are, EyeLook Media’s goal is to pair you with the perfect digital communications solution, keeping your message and branding unified across all platforms, engaging your audience and winning customers.

For more information on EyeLook Media’s complete lineup of digital products and services, click here.

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