Michael Schmalz joins TechAlliance board

Digital Extremes president Michael Schmalz joins TechAlliance board of directors

EARLIER THIS WEEK, TechAlliance announced that Digital Extremes president, Michael Schmalz, has been appointed to its board of directors.

“London’s gaming industry is a significant driver and talent attracter for our region’s innovation economy, and Mike has been one of the primary influencers putting our local studios on the map,” said Christina Fox, CEO of TechAlliance. “Mike’s experience and leadership have propelled Digital Extremes globally, with enthusiastic Warframe players all around the world, and we’re energized by the bold ideas he will bring to the table.”

“I am excited to connect with TechAlliance and start to work on ways to support our sector and reinforce our reputation locally, nationally and internationally as a centre for tech excellence,” commented Schmalz.

Prior to Digital Extremes, Schmalz practiced as a civil engineer. He holds several degrees, including a PhD, MA and MESc from Western University and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business. Michael Schmalz joins TechAlliance board Appointments

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