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With older Canadian flocking to medical cannabis, HelloMD launches a new virtual service to help keep seniors informed

THE LEADING VIRTUAL healthcare platform for medical cannabis in Canada, HelloMD, is offering a new Senior Care service that gives the 65-plus patient community across Canada simpler access to medical cannabis support to help keep them informed and cared for during Covid-19.

HelloMD is the exclusive telehealth partner of Medical Cannabis by Shoppers, Shoppers Drug Mart’s online platform for the sale of medical cannabis.  Through the partnership, HelloMD provides patients in Canada with convenient access to practitioner-led advice about medical cannabis.

HelloMD’s new Senior Care service offers low-tech, high-touch access to educational content and licensed practitioners, all from the safety and comfort of their homes. The service offers seniors a simple three-step process that connects them with an experienced practitioner and, if authorized, with a Medical Cannabis by Shoppers virtual pharmacist to assist with product prescriptions and fulfillment.

Getting the facts Content StudioHelloMD is the exclusive telehealth partner of Medical Cannabis by Shoppers 

According to a Statistics Canada National Cannabis Survey, seniors are the fastest growing age group utilizing medical cannabis. With more than a quarter of 65-plus cannabis users new to cannabis, the need for education and services that cater specifically to them is clear.

“It’s no surprise that we see so many more seniors curious about using medical cannabis,” said Wendy Wiley, RN, MN, NP. “From my experience, this is a group more likely to present with symptoms resistant to first- and second-line treatment options, or to be experiencing intolerable side effects from other treatments. But cannabis is not a silver bullet; seniors need access to sound advice on how to use medical cannabis safely, in the context of their conditions and other currently prescribed medications.”

The new Senior Care service also includes regularly updated educational content tailored around the needs of those seniors using or seeking advice on the use of medical cannabis.

“Seniors need access to safe and trusted sources for their healthcare needs” ―Larry Lisser, senior vice president, HelloMD

“Since the start of 2020, we have seen more than 250 per cent growth in demand from 65-plus patients seeking practitioner advice on medical cannabis,” said Larry Lisser, senior vice president of HelloMD. “With the ongoing associated risks of Covid-19, seniors need access to safe and trusted sources for their healthcare needs, yet virtual health is new and sometimes can feel cumbersome for this community. That’s why we have re-engineered our processes and platform so that seniors can enjoy the safety and convenience of virtual health services, but without the frustration that technology can sometimes present.”

Getting the facts Content StudioIn Canada, seniors are the fastest growing age group utilizing medical cannabis

“We want seniors to have trusted access to the widest variety of medical cannabis products available in Canada today,” added Ken Weisbrod, vice president of business development at Shoppers Drug Mart. “Be it by way of simpler access to licensed practitioners, or our pricing programs designed to help seniors better afford their medical cannabis, we want to ensure that seniors have the support they need to streamline this aspect of their healthcare journey.”

Medical Cannabis by Shoppers breaks down existing barriers for patients by providing convenient access to a broader range of options through a single source, alongside expert advice and counsel from trusted healthcare professionals.

HelloMD is a leading digital platform for alternative healthcare and has facilitated more than 100,000 virtual consults between patients and licensed practitioners. With its mature tech platform, exceptional patient support and flexible business models, the company’s B2B solutions help pharmacies, clinics and producers onboard to deliver world-class, virtual care to existing and new medical cannabis patients.

For more information about HelloMD and its new Senior Care service, click here.

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