Lending a human touch

Voices.com and Voicify partner to bring human voice over to voice assistant applications

LONDON-BASED VOICE over marketplace firm Voices.com, and Boston, Massachusetts-based Voicify, an enterprise conversational experience platform deploying to voice assistants, have formed a partnership to help companies source voice-over talent for voice assistant applications.

Voicify’s Conversation Content Management System allows brands to rapidly deploy voice experiences across any voice assistant device and easily maintain the content, and creating Alexa Skills or Google Actions is a streamlined process with Voicify. Actions and Skills are critical tools to help make smart speakers and virtual assistants more utilitarian for consumers and more effective channels for brands and marketers.

But according to the firm, voice assistant users are shown to recall information much better when human voices are used rather than synthetic ones ― which is where Voices.com comes in. Voicify customers can now turn to Voices.com to source that human voice over for their conversation-based applications.

Lending a human touch Highlights

“The voice assistant space has immense untapped potential for brands, and Voicify makes it easy for companies to create and deploy voice content for these devices,” says Colin McIlveen, vice president, sales, at Voices.com. “We’re excited to include our diverse range of voice actors in that process, helping other brands find the right voice for their conversation-based apps.”

“What excites us most about our partnership with Voices.com is making available a wide array of voices and personality to our customers to use via assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant,” added Jason Fields, CSO of Voicify. “One of the key benefits Voices.com brings to the table is the variety of personality through voice that customers can leverage to differentiate the voice experience with a custom voice rather than that of the native assistant. Their service truly helps bring the brand voice to life.”

Headquartered at 100 Dundas Street, Voices.com is the largest marketplace for audio and voice-over products and services in the world, with over one million business and voice actor registered users and clients in over 160 countries. Lending a human touch Highlights

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