Commercial Activity

Commercial Activity Commercial Activity

A summary of recent commercial real estate transactions in London

Commercial Activity Commercial ActivityPhoto: A multi-tenant office building at 750 Base Line Road East sold for $5,400,000

181 Dundas Street
type      Commercial/residential building
price     $700,000
seller    Named individuals
buyer    2718359 Ontario Inc.

750 Base Line Road East
type      Multi-tenant office building
price     $5,400,000
seller    Ironwood Capital Inc.
buyer    Bluestone Properties Inc.

565 Ridout Street North
type      Rooming house
price     $1,000,000
seller    London Sigma Chi Properties
buyer    565 Ridout Street Ltd.

384 Sovereign Road
type       Industrial building
price      $1,505,000
seller     Named individuals
buyer     Steph-Ad Holdings Inc.

Transaction information provided by Mark McManus of Valco Consultants Inc., 519-667-9050 ext. 234,

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