Commercial Activity

Commercial Activity Commercial Activity

A summary of recent commercial real estate transactions in London

Commercial Activity Commercial ActivityPhoto: A multi-tenant industrial building at 3330 White Oak Road sold for $8,500,000

132-134 Commissioners Road West
type      Commercial building
price     $825,000
seller    Init Holdings Inc.
buyer    2754369 Ontario Inc.

1154 Hamilton Road
type      Banquet hall
price     $1,100,000
seller    1096404 Ontario Ltd.
buyer    KM & MB Development Inc.

3330 White Oak Road
type      Multi-tenant industrial building
price     $8,500,000
seller    Churchill Trucking Ltd.
buyer    MP Booker Assets Inc.

625 Adelaide Street North
type      Self-serve car wash
price     $2,034,500
seller    Grant Robertson
buyer    The Corporation of the City of London

343 Neptune Crescent
type      Industrial building
price     $1,100,000
seller    898809 Ontario Inc.
buyer    2761365 Ontario Inc.

390 Grey Street
type      Walk-up apartment building
price     $2,590,000
seller    London Rental Suites Ltd.
buyer    Pier 4 Real Estate GP Ltd.

Transaction information provided by Mark McManus of Valco Consultants Inc., 519-667-9050 ext. 234, [email protected]

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