Laser Quest announces closure

Long-standing Laser Quest location shuts down in London

AFTER ALMOST THREE decades in business, and countless children’s birthday parties, London’s Laser Quest location is shutting down along with a number of other Laser Quest locations in North America.

A statement posted on the London Laser Quest’s Facebook page states that Covid-19 made continued operation of many locations “next to impossible,” and the owners made the decision in light of the pandemic and “the resulting uncertain economic climate.”

Laser Quest is owned and operated by Mississauga-based Versent Corporation ULC, and the company’s website says that some locations will reopen under new ownership.

“Over the past 27 years, Laser Quest has brought fun to life with countless birthday parties, day camps and youth group events, plus numerous corporate and education outings,” the company wrote in a letter posted to social media.

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“As much as wanted to reopen all of our North American locations, the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting uncertain economic climate have made the continued operation of many locations next to impossible.”

The first Laser Quest entertainment centre opened in 1993 in North America. Laser Quest announces closure Laser Quest COVID-19

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