Keeping things safe

stevensE3 is your one-stop shop for all Covid-19 signage and barrier solutions

THE PANDEMIC HAS had many effects on us over the last few months, from stress and mental challenges to cabin fever and an unease of the unknown.

It’s for this reason that it has become so vitally important for citizens to feel some sort of normality in these difficult times. This can be in the case of getting out and about for a gym session or even drinks and dinner with a close friend. These daily routines help us maintain a healthy and active mindset. 

Local government remains under the spotlight as they develop and devise new strategies and best business case practices to ensure the safety of all citizens.

As of October 24, 2020, all persons who own and operate a restaurant, bar, food truck or concession stand within the City of London or Middlesex County are required to adhere to new safety procedures and protocols. These measures are being put in place to ensure that all patrons and employees are kept safe. 

“The shop has it all, from physical distancing solutions to directional signage and sneeze-guard partitions” ―Cam Stevens

Under the new regulations, patrons seated at different tables can be separated by either a distance of at least two metres or by a plexiglass or impermeable barrier.

Luckily for local businesses, stevensE3 can help restaurants and offices by providing a wide range of standard and customizable solutions to ensure that customers and employees remain healthy and safe as we adapt to these new environments.

Keeping things safe stevensE3 Content Studio

In operation for almost a century, stevensE3 has transcended from a signage company to a leader within the exhibition and event industries.

“We strive to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients,” says third-generation President and CEO, Cam Stevens.

It was for this reason that the company pivoted to supplying Covid-19 specific graphics, signage, acrylic barriers and decal solutions to local businesses. “The shop has it all, from physical distancing solutions to directional signage and sneeze-guard partitions,” adds Stevens.

Keeping things safe stevensE3 Content Studio

Because stevensE3 manufactures and produces all graphics and barrier solutions in-house, restaurants and bars can be compliant under the new regulations in just a matter of days.

What’s more, stevensE3 is also offering clients the opportunity to receive a 10 per cent discount on their total order. To apply the discount, use the promo code NEWREG10 at checkout.

 For information or to shop the full range physical distancing and business safety products, visit

This story was created by Content Studio, TreeTown Media’s commercial content division, on behalf of stevensE3.

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