Pushing through the pandemic

A new short doc video examines the efforts of three local breweries to overcome operational challenges brought about by pandemic challenges   

A LONDON-BASED SOCIAL media management and digital services agency, Half & Half Social, has produced a short documentary video about how three local breweries have pivoted and adapted their production lines and retail procedures to combat Covid-19.

Titled Brewing Hope, the video examines business changes at Anderson Craft Ales, Toboggan Brewing Co. and Powerhouse Brewing Co., three of the more than 10 craft brewing companies in the city.

According to a posting from Half & Half, the video sheds light on the behind-the-scenes struggle to keep the lights on, employees paid and communities reached, telling the story of how the three breweries fought for survival, and how community support helped them overcome pandemic challenges.

You can view the video below. Pushing through the pandemic Brewing Hope Media

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