Committed to supporting seniors

The Health Depot Pharmacy and Retirement Home Referral Services partner to assist families and caregivers supporting senior loved ones 

LONDON-BASED THE Health Depot Pharmacy and Burlington-headquartered Retirement Home Referral Services have announced a joint initiative to assist seniors and their families adjusting to changes in living situations resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. The two organizations will collaborate to create a comprehensive solution for families seeking in-home care during this challenging time.

In 2016, 16.4 per cent of Ontario’s population was 65 years or older, and 11 per cent of seniors lived with their families. These numbers have continued to increase in the past four years. The Coronavirus pandemic and second wave of infection has accelerated the shift in the landscape of senior care and accommodation.

More and more families are opting to have older family members live with them or remain in the community setting in their own homes. This transition requires support for families and their ageing loved ones. People are finding that they need to rearrange and reassign daily tasks and responsibilities to adjust to a new normal.

Committed to supporting seniors Health Depot Content StudioAgata and Andy Donald of The Health Depot Pharmacy

Activities like filling prescriptions, purchasing medical supplies and visiting a physician are essential to thousands of seniors’ daily lives. The transition to a home-based care arrangement means that these tasks, along with others such as shopping, in-home care and home maintenance, create additional stress for families who are already juggling changes with work and school schedules.

The Health Depot Online Pharmacy is working alongside Retirement Home Referral Services (RHRS) to make the pharmacy and healthcare shopping experience simple for all Ontarians. Their Healthcare E-commerce Store has thousands of health essentials available for online purchase and delivery, which can be delivered direct-to-door for free with prescriptions.

“We are committed to supporting seniors, their loved ones and caregivers as they adjust to new living arrangements” ―Andy Donald

Their Daily Dose Packs allow for a straightforward approach for patients taking multiple medications to have a simple, one daily packet approach, which helps seniors and their caregivers, the chronically ill and those with special needs.

“We are committed to supporting seniors, their loved ones and caregivers as they adjust to new living arrangements,” says Andy Donald, Founder & CEO of The Health Depot Pharmacy. “The core of what we do as an organization is to help individuals become and stay healthy. Our collaboration with Retirement Home Referral Services brings continuity of care and support for seniors and caregivers when they need it most.”

Committed to supporting seniors Health Depot Content Studio

The RHRS team walks with seniors through the process of transitioning living arrangements to make the journey less confusing and stressful.

“Change can come suddenly, but we are there to ease the uncertainty and hold their hands as they move forward,” states Paul Martin, CEO of Retirement Home Referral Services. “In-home healthcare services like virtual doctor’s appointments, online pharmacy services, respite support and transportation assistance can be hard to arrange on one’s own. We work with a team of skilled associate partners to complete the circle of care and remove the stress.”

About The Health Depot Pharmacy

The Health Depot Pharmacy, founded in 2019 by Andy Donald, was created to simplify the prescription experience. The process is explained in this short video. Their mission is to make the pharmacy experience simple, offering a seamless approach to getting prescriptions filled and refilled to keep individuals safe and healthy.

Their free delivery, real-time access to customers’ medication through the Health Depot website and app, low dispensing fee and passion for ensuring their customers have the proper medication at the right time continues to set them apart. Their Pharmacist Specialists (Certified Respiratory & Diabetes Educators and Certified Geriatric Pharmacists) are always happy to help and can even personalize medications to the individual. The Health Depot Pharmacy is where patient health always comes first.

Their online health store, The Health Depot, carries over 15,000 health essentials, over-the-counter items and home healthcare products. Customers can shop online and have them delivered straight to their doorstep, with free delivery anywhere in Ontario when shipped with their prescriptions or on all orders of $50 or more.

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About Retirement Home Referral Services

Retirement Home Referral Services is a full-service referral company that provides complete support to families looking for a retirement home in Canada or supporting seniors in their own home or a loved one’s home. In addition to these valuable services, their website features a wholesale healthcare store with seniors’ discounts.

RHRS welcomes the collaboration and support of exclusive advertisers in associated industries like real estate, moving companies, funeral homes, optical stores, hearing aid companies, law firms and insurance companies, which reach out to thousands of seniors across Canada and provide essential services that assist residents and their families in many ways.

Committed to supporting seniors Health Depot Content Studio
Paul Martin, CEO, Retirement Home Referral Services

Due to the impact of Covid-19, RHRS has moved quickly to align with in-home healthcare agencies across the country to provide many services to seniors living in their own home or a family member’s home. This helps meet the needs of many seniors who want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. However, if the in-home care becomes too costly or stressful for the family, RHRS’s Associate In-Home Agencies reconnect with our retirement home partners across the country to provide independent supportive living or assisted living support. This is truly a “win-win” for care providers and families, and, of course, seniors, who can enjoy either option.

Caregivers who are seeking guidance can call and speak with the RHRS team directly at 1-888-809-7477 to discuss the full range of healthcare services available to help support their loved ones in their homes.

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