London-made virus detector begins to ship

The BioCloud, an airborne virus analyzer contract manufactured by London’s OES Inc., is set to ship to global customers

TORONTO-BASED KONTROL Energy Corporation is set to ship its patented Covid-19 technology ― BioCloud ― to customers and distributors around the world. The BioCloud, which is manufactured in London by OES Inc., is a real-time analyzer designed to detect airborne viruses, including SARS-COV-2, by continuously sampling air quality and triggering a silent, cloud-based alert to facility managers. 

Initial contracts include sales with Kontrol customers and non-exclusive distribution and an exclusive distribution agreement for North America, Australia and New Zealand with United Safety and Survivability Corp.

“The focus of our BioCloud technology is to help create safer spaces globally as we collectively continue to face the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Paul Ghezzi, CEO Kontrol. “Initial deliveries are set to arrive to Kontrol customers and distributors in January 2021. Our team has been working around the clock to launch BioCloud into the global market.” 

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Kontrol has engaged OES Inc. a local design and contract manufacturer in London to produce the BioCloud units. A global leader in the design and building of video displays and scoreboards and wire harness quality assurance devices, OES also provides medical and safety solutions and manufacturing capabilities to a variety of clients.

“OES has the ability and capacity to ramp up to meet the required BioCloud manufacturing requirements and we can also scale with BioCloud as required,” says Jeff Stewart, OES Inc. president “We are committed to supporting local jobs, growth and Ontario exports.” 

“Having BioCloud developed and now being produced in Ontario is very important to us,” continues Ghezzi. “Our plans to have the initial production and supply chain sourced in Canada means that we are creating jobs while helping to solve the global pandemic that is Covid-19.”

Under the terms of the distribution agreement with United Safety and Survivability Corp., the exclusivity applies to the industries defined as buses, rail and locomotive, subways, ambulances, fire trucks, first responder and military vehicles, with applicable associated facilities in the geography of North America, Australia and New Zealand. The exclusivity period is 12 months with a six month mutual renewal option and is based on 5,000 units of BioCloud per annum, on a best efforts basis, to retain exclusivity.

Kontrol does disclose the pricing of BioCloud units for industry competitive purposes. London-made virus detector begins to ship biocloud Technology

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