Modular building model tackles affordable housing

Ottawa commits $7.5 million for first of three modular building projects targeting affordable housing

CITY AND GOVERMENT officials announced Wednesday the first of three planned modular buildings aimed at helping ease London’s housing crisis should be completed by next December.

Construction is set to begin in spring 2021 on a development in west London will result in 61 new affordable housing units. The federal investment makes up the largest portion of the $17.5-million cost of the project, with a $7.5-million investment through its Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI). The city is contributing $4.3 million and the remainder will come from provincial funding and the city’s Housing Development Corporation.

A vacant lot at 122 Baseline Road West is the first site chosen. The four-storey building will be constructed by Ellis Don with pre-fabricated components and assembled on site, speeding up the construction process.

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The building comes with an estimated cost of $17 million, which is to be largely funded by federal and provincial programs.

City Hall is still reviewing undisclosed properties for two similar buildings.

“Simply put, this funding and this project will save lives and ultimately improve the lives of those who come to occupy these desperately needed units,” says Mayor Ed Holder. “Supporting London’s most vulnerable is a cause to which our municipal council is fiercely committed.”

London was one of 15 Canadian cities chosen for federal RHI funding. Modular building model tackles affordable housing modular building Construction

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