20 Under 40: Jennifer Miller

Meet Jennifer Miller, 35, special project manager at Sifton Properties Limited, VP operations with Fight to End Homelessness and one of our 20 Under 40 Class of 2020 recipients

SHAPING OUR CITY and forming our community, Jennifer Miller is a change agent who brings passion, advocacy and vision to the worlds for-profit real estate development and non-profit community building.

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What’s been your biggest achievement?

My proudest moment was likely seeing the efforts of a small but very mighty team of passionate volunteers coming together to host the inaugural Fight to End Homelessness. Founded by 20 Under 40 alumni Adam Malamis and Brett Lucier, and ­supported by some amazing Londoners, this premier boxing event showcased local entrepreneurs and community champions who trained and stepped into the ring to raise over $85,000 for Youth Opportunities Unlimited. It was a ­phenomenal night to remember and we can’t wait for the next event, scheduled for October 2021!

“I love work, I love the hustle and I’m ­absolutely not afraid of making the hard decisions — but not at the cost of the people around me” ―Jennifer Miller

Who do you count as your biggest influence?

Early in my career, I looked to some particular people in my life who were very successful and saw that they were private, career driven, disciplined and tough. I tried some of these qualities on but learned that they never quite felt right. In their defense, times have changed. And don’t get me wrong — I love work, I love the hustle and I’m absolutely not afraid of making the hard decisions — but not at the cost of the people around me. So, I took pieces I liked and added my own flair. I’ve also been influenced by my grandfather, Bill Gilmour, who shared stories time and time again about the importance of leading by example.

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When you’re not working, what are you doing?

I like to keep busy, so if I’m not working or spending time with my amazing children, Maiev, 10, Alexander, six, and our dog, Beau. I can usually be found on a paddleboard, doing yoga, breathing in nature at our cottage in Magnetawan or doing home renovations.

Guilty pleasure?

Depends on the moment: impromptu kitchen dance parties, ­blasting music while driving, feeling the rain during a storm, cookies — lots of cookies — soaking up the sun while reading a book or snuggling up while watching a movie with the kiddos. 20 Under 40: Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller 20 Under 40 Interview by Kieran Delamont

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