Is the bond still strong?

Canadian Chamber launches initiative to bolster Canada-U.S. trade relations

THE CANADIAN CHAMBER of Commerce has announced a determined effort to renew the Canada-U.S. relationship as businesses weigh their growth opportunities post-pandemic.

“Canada’s post-COVID economy depends on a business-led recovery. As a trading nation, much of that recovery will come from exports and from our strong commercial relationship with our American neighbours,” says Perrin Beatty, president and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

“Simply put, the best way to spur the recovery for both countries is to renew and revitalize the Canada-U.S. economic partnership. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce will start laying the groundwork for that renewal now, so Canada’s businesses can gain from the economic growth that will come once the pandemic ends.”

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With the deployment of vaccines accelerating both sides of the border and a new U.S. Administration beginning to find its ground, Canadian businesses face a critical moment with our largest trading partner. There are substantial opportunities to renew the relationship, but challenges remain that risk undermining supply chain resilience, which is crucial to jobs and prosperity on both sides of the border.

Canada needs to be on the front foot, advancing our own interests since few Americans wake up in the morning in Washington thinking about how to do Canadian businesses a favour” ―Mark Agnew

“We cannot take for granted that the U.S. is our largest trade partner. Canada needs to be on the front foot, advancing our own interests since few Americans wake up in the morning in Washington thinking about how to do Canadian businesses a favour,” adds Mark Agnew, the Canadian Chamber’s vice president policy. “We look forward to working with our members, the Government of Canada and our American business counterparts to ensure Canadian businesses are positioned to succeed in the new U.S. political environment.” 

The Canadian Chamber will work with its members to develop and drive forward tangible solutions that will be advanced with decision-makers in the United States and Canada. The Canadian Chamber’s work will particularly seek to advance business objectives tied to the Roadmap Partnership announced earlier this year by Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden.

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The Canadian Chamber’s campaign will focus on five priority issues:

• Canada-U.S. border – As vaccination rates increase, businesses need a plan from government on how the border will reopen that is underpinned by clear metrics and dates.

• Buy American – Canadian exporters rely on access to the U.S. market, and it is critical that potential U.S. stimulus spending does not preclude opportunities for Canada.

• Defence and security – Our continental defence is underpinned by a shared industrial base, and it is imperative that supply chains in the defence and security industry remain tightly integrated.

• Environment and natural resources – Canada and the U.S. need binational approaches to shared environmental challenges and our energy infrastructure. The countries also need to accelerate work on critical minerals supply chains.

• Regulatory cooperation – Regulatory cooperation mechanisms need to be reinvigorated that deal with the nuts and bolts issues that can create headaches for companies of all sizes.

For more information about the Renewing the Canada-U.S. Relationship campaign, click here. Is the bond still strong? Canadian Chamber Trade

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