Greyhound pulls the plug

Greyhound Canada ends service on all routes in Ontario and Quebec

Photo: File photo of the Greyhound Bus terminal at 101 York Street

GREYHOUND CANADA HAS announced it is closing down all bus routes in Ontario and Quebec, effective Thursday.

The transportation company said in a news release that due to low ridership, it will discontinue all routes in both provinces.

Many of its routes, such as from London to Toronto, were temporarily suspended in May 2020, but will now be fully shutdown.

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Greyhound Canada added that reduction in ridership along with revenue loss backs up the reasoning behind their decision.

“A full year without revenue has unfortunately made it impossible to continue operations,” says Stuart Kendrick, senior vice President of Greyhound Canada. “Thank you to our dedicated staff for their commitment and service, and to our customers for choosing Greyhound Canada during better times.”

In an interview with the London Free Press, Mayor Ed Holder said he feels sorry for Greyhound employees who lost their jobs, but noted that Greyhound buses haven’t been coming and going to the company’s downtown station for a year. He said the departure may present opportunity for a new service.

“When one door closes, often an opportunity will come up to replace that.”

Greyhound eliminated routes in Western Canada in 2018.

The company said it would continue service out of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to U.S. destinations when the border reopens.

Any customers who currently hold tickets after May 13 will be refunded. Greyhound pulls the plug Greyhound Transportation

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