Growing in unprecedented times

Seven London firms crack annual ranking of Canada’s top growing companies

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SEVEN LONDON-BASED companies are among the over 400 businesses listed on the Globe and Mail’s 2021 Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies.

The list of Canada’s Top Growing Companies ranks companies based on three-years revenue growth.

Launched in 2019, the list strives to celebrate entrepreneurial achievement in Canada by identifying and amplifying the success of growth-minded, independent businesses in Canada. Companies complete an in-depth application process to qualify.

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In order to qualify, a company had to have at least $2 million in annual sales in its most recent fiscal year. Companies had to be for-profit, Canadian-run, headquartered in Canada and independent. In rare cases in which companies were recently acquired, they were admitted only if the acquisition occurred following the close of the companies most recent fiscal year.

Here’s how the seven London companies ranked:

(114) Paystone: 495 per cent three-year revenue growth

(156) Waste Solutions Canada: 280 per cent three-year revenue growth

(252) Microcad Computer Corp.: 146 per cent three-year revenue growth

(287) Mobials Inc.: 125 per cent three-year revenue growth

(399) tbk: 67 per cent three-year revenue growth

(439) Northern Commerce: 54 per cent three-year revenue growth

(445) Voices: 51 per cent three-year revenue growth

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This year’s list was expanded to include qualifying companies that saw their three-year revenue grow by 50 per cent or more. As a result, the 2021 ranking includes 448 companies, compared to 400 in previous years.

To view the complete list, click here. Growing in unprecedented times London Rankings

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