Indiva dives into Edibles 2.0 market

Indiva signs exclusive licensing and manufacturing agreement with Oregon-based Grön brand

LOCAL CANNABIS PRODUCER Indiva, Canadian leaders in the edibles sector, announced a partnership on Wednesday that will bring the Oregon-based Grön brand to the Canadian cannabis market. The deal will see Indiva manufacture Grön’s line of edibles for at least the next five years.

The partnership adds to Indiva’s existing edibles brand portfolio, which includes the wildly successful Bhang chocolate and Wana Sour Gummy lines, both of which regularly top the sales charts in many provinces across the country.

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Grön, founded by Christine Smith, is one of the leading edibles brands in Oregon’s legal market.

“We are delighted to partner with Grön to bring their innovative, original, high-quality edible products to the Canadian market,” says Niel Marotta, CEO of Indiva. “Indiva remains committed to growing its top-line and market share organically in Canada by bringing products to market that delight our customers, while expanding the selection of legal cannabis edibles in Canada. This agreement will allow Indiva to do just that, with new products which are unique to the Canadian market and complementary to our existing portfolio of cannabis edibles.”

A new brand deal for Indiva might not be earth-shattering news, but there are some notable aspects of this deal. For one, it follows a growing trend of American cannabis brands finding Canadian partners to break into our market. Brands like Cookies or Keef, both American brands, were launched in Canada this fall; both of Indiva’s marquee brands, Wana and Bhang, also fit this bill.

Indiva dives into Edibles 2.0 market Indiva Cannabis

For another, it fits in with the growing evolution of the edibles market toward more specialized cannabinoids — often billed as ‘Edibles 2.0’. Many of Grön’s products feature what are sometimes referred to as ‘minor cannabinoids’ — chemicals like CBN and CBG that target specific effects (CBN, for instance, is thought of as being great for sleep.) Whereas many edibles feature only THC and CBD, Grön edibles have formulations that include these sorts of minor cannabinoids in equal quantities.

“The launch of Grön products in Canada will expand Indiva’s edible portfolio to include products with thoughtful, unique minor cannabinoid ratio combinations and form factors,” Indiva says.

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“We are excited to partner with the Indiva team to bring what we believe are the best tasting edibles in the market today,” says Christine Smith, founder and CEO of Grön. “Their commitment to product consistency and industry support gives us confidence that they will be exceptional stewards of the Grön brand. Grön’s cannabis-infused edibles are the perfect addition to the Canada adult-use cannabis market, bringing the ‘Edibles 2.0’ to the community through our innovative effect-driven cannabinoid ratios, deliciously refreshing gummy and chocolate flavors, all made with high quality ingredients.”

Production of these products is slated to begin soon, and Grön products are intended to go on sale sometime in 2022. Indiva dives into Edibles 2.0 market Indiva Cannabis Kieran Delamont

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