Tiny Titans Studios sold

Purchased by a Danish gaming firm, the former Tiny Titans staff and ownership will create a new business and pivot to console game development

Photo: Tiny Titan staff (photo source: Facebook)

LONDON-BASED TINY TITAN Studios has been acquired by Danish firm, Trophy Games Development A/S.

Late last week, Trophy announced it had entered into an agreement with Tiny Titan founder and chief executive Jeff Evans, and the Jeff Evans Family Trust, to acquire 100 per cent of the shares in Tiny Titans Studios.

Founded in 2014, Tiny Titans has developed and published a number of retro-inspired games, primarily for mobile devices. Their titles include Tiny Rails, Kung Fu Z, Arena Stars, Dash Quest and Dash Quest 2.

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“Tiny Titans has built a strong portfolio of popular arcade games with a positive cash flow which fits perfectly into our growth strategy,” says Søren Gleie, CEO of Trophy Games. “On Google Play alone, their games were downloaded organically a total of 796,757 times in the past three months. Tiny Titans is estimated to generate DKK 2.8m [just over $551,000 CDN] in revenue for the calendar year 2021.

“We believe that we can improve the monetization and make use of their assets to provide a solid revenue for years to come as well as it being an extra long-lasting game experience for the players in our game portfolio,” adds Gleie.

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Trophy Games will acquire Tiny Titans excluding the PC portofolio and its employees. The purchase price will be paid fully in cash. Final closing is expected on the 31st of December 2021. Financial details were not disclosed.

According to Evans, he is retaining all 12 Tiny Titan employees in London and will launch a new, yet-to-be-named gaming development company, pivoting to focus on the creation of console games.

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“We’re very excited. This is what we want to do,” Evans told the London Free Press. “We were moving away from mobile into console games and we wanted to rebrand the company in a new direction. We wanted to shed the past. “We didn’t want to work on mobile games. We wanted a fresh take.”

The new firm will be based out of former headquarters of Tiny Titans  ― the two upper-floors at 256 Dundas Street in the city’s core. Evans, who owns the building, also operates game store The Mana Lounge on the ground floor. Tiny Titans Studios sold tiny titans Mergers & Acquisitions

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