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Lingering pandemic restrictions force cancellation of the London Farm Show for second year running

THE WESTERN FAIR Association (WFA) announced on Monday the cancellation of the 2022 London Farm Show.

An 80-plus-year spring tradition for the WFA and a highlight for the region’s agricultural sector, it’s the second consecutive year of cancellation due to pandemic restrictions.

According to a release from the WFA, current extending Covid restrictions due to the Omicron strain, along with timeline demands and the extended operation of the Agriplex as a vaccination centre, resulted in the decision to cancel this year’s event.

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According to Bridget Mahon, agriculture events manager for WFA, considerable planning and coordination for the 2022 show got underway last summer with an expectation the show would have kicked off both the WFA’s show season and the ag sector’s growing season.

“A strong roster of returning exhibitors were booked for 2022, with many new products, demonstrations and competitions planned,” Mahon says, adding that all exhibitors for the 2022 Farm Show will receive a full refund of their booth fees.

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“It is never easy to make these decisions, and we appreciate the understanding of our exhibitors, sponsors and attendees as we navigate yet another year inside a pandemic,” adds Reg Ash, the association’s CEO. “We thank our staff for the time committed to prepare for this much anticipated show and for the continued loyalty, kindness and understanding, during these times, of all who participate and support the event.”

There are no plans to replace the show with a virtual version, but the WFA is launching a local-box program featuring locally sourced snacks and beverages to help highlight local producers. The boxes will go on sale in early March at

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The London Farm Show plans to return March 8 to 10, 2023, with continued emphasis on agricultural technology, education and farm improvement.

“We are so disappointed to be in the same situation as last year, but we are eagerly anticipating next year for good reason,” sums up Mahon. “So many we spoke to as we evaluated our options expressed how excited they had been for the show’s return and in the same breath, their disappointment that they would not be able to attend this year. We hope with that same anticipation we see every farmer in Southwestern Ontario at the show in 2023.” Cropped out ... again london farm show Events

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