Locorum rewards Londoners on life’s biggest purchases

Locorum delivers Londoners a new way to find services, a new way to hire local and a new way to save big!

WHEN YOU THINK of rewards programs, you probably think of the almost infinite number of times you’ve given your email just to get a $3 discount. Or when you find yourself staring into the void trying to calculate what your 700,000 points are worth, only to find out you can only get a free coffee.

Locorum is changing the way people look at rewards programs with their new platform that allows customers to find and hire service-based businesses and get cash back for doing so!

Locorum rewards Londoners on life's biggest purchases Locorum Content Studio

Think about it: When was the last time you got anything in return for hiring a plumber, roofer or landscaper? The answer is probably never. Now you can with Locorum.

Locorum is a free rewards program that gives you cash back when you hire local service providers that you were going to hire anyways. And we’re not talking about a few bucks here and there ― you can earn thousands of dollars off a single hire.

“This platform is super easy to use” ―Matt Pizzuti

Members can visit www.locorum.ca and browse hundreds of vetted, local London businesses ― everything from real estate agents to landscapers to a horse masseuse (yep, you read that right ― a horse masseuse!).

Locorum rewards Londoners on life's biggest purchases Locorum Content Studio

Members can then contact the businesses immediately through the platform about the service they want. “This platform is super easy to use,” says Locorum Member, Matt Pizzuti.

Members can see the cash-back rewards they will receive after the job is completed. They then receive their very own Prepaid Locorum Mastercard in the mail, embossed with their name on it! Fancy, we know.

Locorum rewards Londoners on life's biggest purchases Locorum Content Studio

Those Rewards are as good as cash and can be spent anywhere that accepts Mastercard, both online and in-store. For every business hired after that, your Locorum Card will automatically get your rewards loaded onto it within 24 hours.

Most Members who are buying/selling a home and getting a mortgage through Locorum can earn around $10,000 in cash back!

Locorum is offering Londoners a new way to find services. A new way to hire local. And a new way to save big! 

To search for vetted and top-rated service providers in London, see verified reviews from members and learn more about the reward you can earn from hiring them, visit www.locorum.ca.  

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